Longest International


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What is the longest time you have heard someone wait for an international order? What is your opinion what the average time is?
Too vague of a question bro, too many variables. I live in Canada and my "friend"--who does alot of int'l business once got a package that was delayed for 2 months. He checked the postmark, his source sent it when he said he did but for whatever reason it took almost 9 weeks. Customs hadn't touched it it was intact...probably some lazy ass postal worker. I have known him well for a while and he has had stuff come as fast as 4 days from Eastern Europe and as long as 2 months.

Things depend on where you live, where your source is from, how the pack was sent, time of year etc.

Where is the pack from? Not neccesarily what country as much as what part of the world...
Wow that is long. I haven't ordered myself. Just wondering other guys thoughts. I have never ordered overseas either. Their mailing may be different or something if it took that long. I have never heard a christmas package take that long in the U.S.A.