Looking for some advice and questions regarding injection sites


So my first question is that if scar tissue builds up can you still inject that site? I feel like I may have some building up in my glutes? Occasionally ill inject and it will hurt and be difficult to press in the plunger ( also has some leak out of the site when i pull the needle out)

What other injection sites do you use and what size needle/quage do you use for specific sites or do you just use a universal size?
Technically you can do it in the same place every time, but injection sites often develop sensitivity or pain over time. Over years you may even build up scar tissue. You can reduce this by doing the injection in a different location every time.
Divide the buttock into four blocks, inject in the upper outer block in either the left or right buttock. Anabolic steroids should only be injected into a muscle, never a vein. The largest muscles (buttock, hip and thigh) are the best and safest places to inject.
Common sense is to use the smallest needle you can. I use 29 gauge 0.5" pretty much exclusively. I Rotate delts, thighs and ventroglutes - left and right obviously. 6.5 years and I have no noticeable scar tissue.
I do only my delts. No scar issues. But I rotate injection sites. left and right delt.

Are you using a new needle after drawing AAS before injection? If not the plunger will wear down the needle tip.

I use a 23 gauge 1 inch for my delts. Anything smaller takes me a long time to inject.

Sometimes when feeling tears going in for me, it's slicing veins, so I get a little blood afterwards, most of time I don't get blood. Also liquid coming out is it's just exiting a path of least resistance, thats why soon as needle comes out. I rub the spot.
Based on bloodflow I would bet dollars to doughnuts that muscle tissue clears out injections faster than sub-q.

Also as a mental security for me to bet the cash against desert is the difference between the days I injected into my thighs of multiple ml compared to the fraction of a ml I inject sub-q now. Sub-q has lasted up to 4 days where all IM thigh injections cleared in about 3 days.

Comparing 3cc IM clearing in 3 days on a cycle to basically .3cc Sub-Q in 3-4 days on TRT. Thats me and my personal experience tho.
I try to inject in a different site each time. I try to rotate sites. For example, I inject in my bedroom one day. Then I move to a different site to inject, like the bathroom.