losing some fat


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Before I start bulking again(naturally), I want to lose 1 or 2 inches on my waist.At the same time I am worried about losing whatever muscle gains I have in my almost 3 months of bulking.I dropped my carbs from 300 daily grams to 100 and was wondering if that would be enough to lose some fat and keep the muscle without using any kind of supplement or drug.

or if you guys can, direct me to link of a good diet that has worked well for you (natural diet)


your on a great board, there is a lot of info about this. I wouldn't drop your carbs that much that fast, easily drop them every week.
You know what, I wouldn't drop those carbs too low and I notice a huge difference when I train in the morning with just some flax and 20g of whey or on an empty stomach if you can. A.M cardio does wonders!!!
From 300grams to 100grams a day is a big jump. If you are going to continue to take in that low of carbs, then definitely up your fat and protein intake for the day to prevent you from losing any of your hard earned muscle. If you don't mind me asking what is it that you weigh now and what is your level of leanness? That information would be very helpful.:)
I dropped the carbs for two days and felt like I was gonna faint, So I decided to continue bulking but drop 400 calories from my diet and do some morning cardio. I am 5'8 and weigh now 180. I have no idea about my BF, but I will post my pics in the "pictures of our members" area.

thnaks guys