Lowest Prices doesn't mean the best deal


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Doggcrapp said:
Let me respond to some of this as I just got back from vacation.

1)You need to compare Apples to Apples and Oranges to Oranges here, which some of you arent doing.

Our Ion exchange is 94-97% (it is the highest protein powder percentage we have ever tested of any protein powder available) and thats why I carry it.

Our other isolates are 92-93% yet you guys are comparing it to an isolate that is 87-88% by another company. And nothing against that company but if your going to compare please compare like products.

(All this above is considered tested plain as someone buying and adding additives would change those percentages slightly)

Heck our Whey protein concentrate tests out at 80-83% which is the highest Ive ever seen tested out on a concentrate also. I set this company up as "Im going to find the best protein I can find of its kind, and then Im going to sell it to people in no frills packaging with next to zero advertising costs so I can get it over to them for the lowest price possible".

I can just about beat anyones price on this planet on any protein you guys can think of but it sure as hell wont be good protein powder. Do you want me to do that? Because I can get Whey protein and sell it as "100% whey protein" and sell it to you guys for $1.50 a pound and you guys would be ranting and raving "oh my god what a steal!!!! I can get 20 pounds of protein for 30 bucks!!!!! Awesome!!!!" And you know what that protein would be? The lowest tested protein Doug and I at Trueprotein have ever tested. I can get it for 98 cents a pound. Its whey protein, and it came back at 58-62% and its absolute sawdust! And youll get nothing out of it except time on the toilet. (And guess what? Two companies on the net are currently selling it to you guys....so much for being able to sleep at nite huh?)........ I absolutely refuse to do that

I dont work like that. I need to know that Im doing the best job that I personally can in this industry so I can sleep at nite.

2)Another thing you might want to look at is tiers. You buy 15 pounds or more from us and now you get 5% off automatically. Use a discount code which many people have and thats another 5% off. So now your getting 10% off there....might want to check your figures again because even with a higher protein percentage we might be even lower in price.

3)Another thing people dont realize is when you order 2 pounds of protein from us we get you the 2 pounds first and then add your sweeteners and flavoring after. I know of no other protein company that does this. Dont think that makes a big difference? To flavor a pound of protein in chocolate that takes at least (at least) one scoop of cocoa powder. There are 15-16 heaping serving size scoops in a pound of protein powder so now in 2 pounds of protein powder where you are getting 30-32 heaping scoops from TP of pure protein powder, you are getting shortchanged and getting 28-30 scoops of protein powder from everyone else (plus 2 scoops of cocoa to make up the weight difference)
****Think about that the next time you order 15 pounds of protein from someone else...you just lost a pound and are really getting 14 pounds of protein. We are the only company I know of who get you your 15 pounds of protein you ordered first and then add the cocoa/sweetener after.

4)As far as our flavors, I completely agree with the above poster. Our inhouse flavoring system was subpar previously. We took a whole year and have developed a brand new flavoring system that debuted last month. And we are adding to it every month with new flavors. Our new flavoring system is a huge hit due to the feedback we are getting so I feel we have shored up that area completely.
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