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Hello guys I'm a Powerlifter. My stats are 255/140/270kg @ 74-78KG BW. I'm about to do a new massive and insane cycle and need suggestions from my experienced lifters here.
MY cycle is based on only RAW strength no show off. I'm going for extra long cycle for about 6 months tho intended cycle is for 4 months only

TEST MIX: 250mg a week for 2 months to recover from injury and get in prime form again.


Test E : 1000mg a week for 3 months
TREN A : 700mg 10 months ED
DBOL : 50 mg a month for max out
EQ : 200mg whatever it take. doing it only and only for joint health and soft tissue recovery. (I don't want DD for water and gains)

PCT : 2000ui HCG every 4th day for 32 days
10mg nolva
50mg clomid

My question is : I want my joints to feel good during cycle so is there anything else I should do and I def don't want GYNO or SHUT DOWN ,
so help me up with please. Also explain me the Diff in Armotraz and armidex 0.25 during cycle I WILL TAKE ARMOTRAZ as it's cheaper and has same compound.

PS: I have done many cycles and have done 1000mg of TEST E without any issues or sides got away with clomid and nolva only :) thanks and love to everyone \m/
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