middle of the night


Sauce Monster
Hey ive been experiencing middle of the night intense hunger pains where i cant go back to sleep unless i eat. Do any of you guys experience this? The more i up my calories the worse it gets. Im not adding anybodyfat it just seems almost unhealthy.
I get this all the time, I try to make it through the night without food--I always keep a bottle of water by my bedside--drink the water it will not truly satisfy the hunger but it is better than sleeping with food in your stomach. I am a firm believer that the body needs to recuperate during sleep and digesting food gets in the way of that happening in the most efficient manner.
I eat right before bed with no major problems. I find that having cottage cheese as my last meal of the day has helped. Add some regular cheese and I'm pretty damn full. I don't like to drink alot of water before bed because then I have to pee and pee and pee.
Milk and cookies at 3am for the win. Don't forget to put the milk back on the fridge as soon as you are done pouring it; otherwise, you may easily have a gallon of milk on the counter in the morning.
i get the same thing but instead before i go to sleep whatever time it is. I can eat a huge dinner of a salad, multiple steaks, patato, etc... then before i get to sleep ill be starving again and can eat and eat and never get full. I've emptied the entire fridge before. This can't be healthy right before i go to sleep, what gives?
Thanks guys. It seems if i eat directly before bed the problem isnt as bad opposed to if i eat an hour or so before bed. I agree w u husky we need the night to rest our livers from processing all the food.