Mix creatine with?


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What should I take creatine with? I heard you have to take it with dextrose. What drinks have a lot of dextrose in them? Just tell me what you guys do and if it works. Thanks
I just bought a 2 lb. container of dextrose, can anyone tell me how much to mix and when? Also I'm confused to whether you should take creatine before workouts, after, or both.
mix the creatine with the dextrose and take it post work-out. Depending on body weight, take about 25-40g. Only take it AFTER you work out. Any other time the dextrose will cause an unwanted insulin spike. An insulin spike post work-out is good because it drives the creatine to the muscles. If you have the NOW FOODS bag of dextrose, one big table spoon is 5g. So spoon in about 5-8 dex with 5g of creatine. Personally, I also add 40g of Isopure no carb protien for one big shake. There are some who believe that creatine and protien should not be mixed, but realistically, where so you think protien comes from.
ive been told that an insulin spike before a workout is good and it would be better before and after... anyone know anything about this?
Also, i workout in the weight room 3 days a week, and run/condition 2 days, should i take my creatine before all 5 of these days, or should i take it only when im in the weightroom, or 7 days a week, even when i don't excersize?
Me and Cutler usually mix our creatine with Crys' ;)... but any high GI sugar works. Your dext is a good bet, but Gatorade works fine too... I use HFCS sometimes. Just take at least 5g sugars/1g of creatine you take... so 5g creatine with 25 or more grams of high GI sugar.

That info on taking 40g/day is kinda nutty. You want to take 5g/day every day whether you lift that day or not. You need to maintain the levels in your blood and muscles. On days you don't lift, you can take it any time, but I'd avoid taking it on an empty stomach or before bed. It irritates the stomach for a lot of people. Some people (myself included) also load it the first week by taking it at 15-20g/day in spread out portions.


I take it only for 6 or 8wk at a time and then at least a month off of it since that works and is known to be safe. Something like this...

wk1: 5g with 30g sugars 3 or 4 times each day
wk 2-6 or 8: 5g with 30g sugars each day (post workout if it is a gym day)
Before / after/ or both?
That is going to depend on you. I personally don't like anything sloshing around in my stomach when I work out, so its only after for me, but there are plenty of people who are fine doing both. My work outs are intense, so I am kinda sure digestion is slowed to a hault when I am lifting.
ps. the advise on 40g was for the Dextrose, NOT the creatine.