My experience with testosterone


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Hi guys, I'll tell you what took me to trt.
When I was a teenager I lived like a beta male, subjected to the strongest, poor motivation, lack of determination and will. I already practiced a lot of sport but I did not have excellent results because I did not work hard enough for lack of interest in excelling.
A few years later (at age 23) I changed martial arts to bodybuilding-powerlifting and I tried testosterone cycles. From the first injection I found a high physical and psychological well-being, it was the feeling of determination that I was looking for and that I lacked to really be what I wanted to be. I started with cycles lasting a few weeks, interrupted by pct 3-4 times a year. In the periods of interruption and after the pct I had mood on the ground, decreased libido, decreased strength and increased depression, all the negative things disappeared then once the testosterone was restarted (I used to match other aas, like boldenone and winstrol or hgh) , but always at low dosages (no more than 500 text x week).
I continued in this way up to 32 years, when I decided to stop completely with aas, doing a complete and long pct.
I also combined a balanced diet, lots of supplements (maca, tribulus terrestris, d-aspartic acid) and of course weight training and after a year or so after the last injection I performed several blood tests and my testosterone values ***8203;***8203;ranged from 350/400 ng / dl. I must say that my libido was good but my mood was not great, I did not really feel like a real, determined, courageous man I was first thanks to the higher testosterone and my body was not bigger and stronger as before.
Shortly after (34 years old) I decided to open a gym investing a lot of money and given the risky and important choice, I decided to restart with testosterone at the same time, finding the well-being, courage and determination that I had lost for a long time. However, I decided not to do cycles but to do a trt starting from a high dosage (290mg / week) and then gradually decrease over the years (now I'm at 145mg/week) keeping under control the values ***8203;***8203;of various blood and my heart. I started feeling really good, I got engaged to a beautiful woman sixteen years younger than me, with whom today I am married to whom I have two children. I'm really happy, I'm the man I want to be, thanks to testosterone, I'm sure I would not have become so if my testosterone remained at 350ng / dl (now in trt I'm around 1,000). For a few days thanks to the suggestion of this forum I have also added arimidex and I'm feeling even better after I had high estradiol.

Everything is ok but there is something that sometimes makes me a bit sad and negative: I am 38 years old, I will have to continue for all my life trt (always if I want to be so well and have what I have now), I'm afraid I can have long-term damage to health from trt (even if I have all the values ***8203;***8203;within normal with hematocrit 48-50, correct function of the heart and liver, estrogen etc.). My bad thoughts have increased a little since I started take arimidex being this a compound not present naturally in our body as is testosterone instead.
I'm afraid of an illness related to trt that makes me live less than is possible if I were not in trt, just because I love very much the life I have, with my beautiful and good wife, my two children for whom I have infinite love and my work that gratifies me.

Thanks for your attention
Good information.

I think I will give it a try. Pretty sure my testosterone has dropped over the years. Need a new experiment anyway.

Good information.

I think I will give it a try. Pretty sure my testosterone has dropped over the years. Need a new experiment anyway.


Make sure you get blood work so you have reference values and actually know what your testosterone levels are... :)