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An Introduction to MyoGen

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The MyoGen brand name comes from the Greek word 'Myo' meaning ‘Muscle’ and 'Genesis' meaning 'Birth'. This implied history reference of Muscle Origins (#muscleorigins) is the starting point, which leads to the evolution of fitness and bodybuilding in our contemporary era.

Our brand is managed by an international team of experts who share the same vision about making a similar evolutionary breakthrough in the AAS market. In an industry tainted by underground labs and brands, MyoGen wishes to inspire a new way of communicating, based on trust, transparency and ease of access.

MyoGen is backed by a leading Pharmaceutical company based in India. The complete product range includes injectables, orals and protections.

Every product is manufactured and distributed to the highest quality standards. MyoGen combines proven methods with the latest scientific research to drive product innovation for athletes.

With MyoGen, the future is now, are you ready for the Anabolic Revolution?

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Our Prelaunch Explained

As part of our introduction and our official launch, we would like to express our motives, the reason why MyoGen was created and why we have chosen to launch the brand in this way (our 12 steps pre-launch).

Currently the anabolic steroid industry is conducted by whispers and in the shadows. Every story in the media about our industry paints steroids in a negative light. This has a heavy influence on the average person’s perception about performance enhancing drugs, and only serves to drive the entire industry further underground.

What we know is sorely lacking, is complete openness and transparency.

Anyone who is seeking to better themselves deserves to have all available information at their fingertips and to be guided by expert opinion. They deserve to be able to have their confidentiality protected and to be able to access important information to ensure they conduct a cycle safely, thereby protecting their own health. The team behind MyoGen has come together with this shared vision.

When we promise to bring about an anabolic revolution, we do not only aim to be manufacturers of the highest quality ********. Our long term aim is to change the way steroids are discussed, the way they are viewed. We are seeking to revolutionize the entire industry.

By carrying out our pre-launch in a number of steps, we offer complete transparency. MyoGen shares lab photos so you be sure the manufacturing process is sterile and controlled. We make available our quality reports so the consumer will know exactly what they are ordering. We outline the multiple ways to communicate with us so our consumers and fans have access to expert knowledge and advice, every step of the way.

Our prelaunch gives consumers a greater chance to interact with us. This helps to drive future innovation based on users’ wants and needs.

We are not just another brand, we are your brand, and we, are the future of the anabolic steroids industry.

The MyoGen Team


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Step 1 - MyoGen White Paper

Hi there!

Andre back again with some news that I know youre going to love.

In my first post I shared what we believe are the general truths applicable to the current anabolic steroid industry. This includes lack of quality control, public perception of performance enhancing compounds and difficulty in finding reliable information about health and safety.

Our white book ties all of these together and explains in detail, the solutions we are implementing. It is intended as a supplement to our editorial calendar and also provides a deep insight into the expertise and leadership of the MyoGen while outlining our plan to turn our vision into reality.

Our ambition for MyoGen is to use the experience and knowledge of our parent company, coupled with our unwavering commitment to our new science and research division to focus on manufacturing the highest quality steroids on the market. In doing so we are creating increased options and improved outcomes to athletes and bodybuilders all over the world.

Far from being just a manufacturer, our goal is to foster relationships with clientele, to listen to feedback, to consider all suggestions.

The white paper represents a key factor in our prelaunch campaign overall. In the coming weeks we will address each point further in depth, share lab photos, product photos, quality reports and more.
We have big plans for 2018 and we are excited to have you on board!

I will see you in a few days to unveil our product range.

You Can Download Our White Paper Here:

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Hi, Andre from MyoGen here with an announcement that a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting.

A direct result of combining innovation with our passion for sports, The Myogen Team is proud to introduce our flagship product range. Our pinnacle performance injectable and oral steroids, along with our range of protections, will set a new standard in performance innovation and define the next generation of anabolic steroids.

At MyoGen, innovation is more than just a word we use, it’s who we are. It’s what drives us to create the highest quality steroids that assist our customers in reaching their goals.

Innovation regularly enables us to create new solutions that will excite and inspire our customers. Our range of powerful steroids offer our customers enormous competitive advantages and the ability to continuously raise the bar.

This evolution of our complete product range reinforces our commitment to remain focused on our customers’ potential. MyoGen remains obsessed with delivering world class performance enhancing anabolics and experiences.

We will continue to show the world that there is no limit to how far MyoGen can go.

Our product range is as follows:

Injectables (5 ampoules of 1ml)

DecaGen 250 – Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) 250 mg/ml

StanoGen 50 (Water Based) – 50mg/ml

SustaGen 250 – Sustanon Testosterone 250 mg/ml

TestoGen 250 – Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg/ml

TrenaGen Mix 150 – Tri-Tren 150 mg/ml

Orals (Box of 50 tablets)

ClenbuGen 40 – Clenbuterol 40 mcg/tab

DianaGen 10 – Methandienone 10 mg/tab

OxaGen 10 – Oxandrolone 10 mg/tab

StanoGen 10 – Stanozolol 10 mg/tab

T-Gen 3 – T3 Cytomel 50 mcg/tab

TuriGen 10 – Turinabol 10 mg/tablet


AnaGen – Anti Estrogen Arimidex 0.5 mg/tab – Box of 30 tablets

ClomiGen – Anti Estrogen Clomid 50 mg/tab – Box of 10 tablets

NolvaGen – Anti Estrogen Nolvadex 20 mg/tab – Box of 10 tablets

SamaGen – Liver Protection 140 mb/tab – Box of 50 tablets

We will be adding more in the future and of course, I’ll keep you updated as soon as that happens.

See you again soon, I'll be back in a couple of days to talk about our anti-counterfeiting measures.

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Hi Everybody!

Andre back again and I have some great news for you all.

Today I can reveal the complete MyoGen product range, and I also want to talk a little bit about the measures that MyoGen is taking to fight fake and counterfeit anabolics.

Every thing we make is a direct reflection of the passion that our team members have for performance enhancement and being the best you can possibly be. Our research and development department uses its latest findings to drive the development of our brand, created to help athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts reach their goals.

Soon we will take you through our world class laboratory so you can witness our manufacturing methods, and also go through the testing that we do to ensure that MyoGen exactly meets our customers’ expectations.

But without any further hesitation, I am proud to introduce our complete product range:


(Our first 15 initial product range will be available on completion of our launch campaign, with our entire product range available soon after).

Anti-Counterfeiting Measures and Precautions

Today, underground laboratories are pushing fake anabolics onto the market at an alarming rate. The product itself can look virtually identical to the real thing, meaning to the untrained eye, counterfeit anabolics can be very difficult to spot.

MyoGen uses sophisticated technology to distinguish its anabolics from fake counterparts. We employ a number of protective measures in order to make it easy for consumers to differentiate genuine MyoGen anabolic steroids from fakes.

Unique Serial Number: All ampoules or tablet packs have a unique serial number that can be checked on our website, ensuring originality and full traceability of the product.

Ampoules: Our injectable anabolics come in glass ampoules to ensure the product is kept in a perfect sanitary condition. The ampoules are colour coded to match product, dosage and ester type.

Tablets: When it comes to tablets, we package our orals in blister packs. Counterfeiters sell tablets in bottles as the production process is cheaper, and so is shipping.

Seals: Every product is sealed very carefully to keep out any bacteria or air. Most counterfeiters use manual equipment and the seals can come loose quite easily. MyoGen product seals have proper edges and are uniformly attached with the brand name printed on it.

Leaflet: Each MyoGen product is packaged together with its own product information sheet. This contains an additional counterfeit deterrence system and an anti-counterfeit symbol.

That’s a wrap-up of some of the anti-counterfeiting measures that Myogen employs. I’ll see you on again on Wednesday when we announce our product pricing structure.

Below is a special video presentation from Jessica about how to spot fake steroids.



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Price Announcement

Hello my friends, it’s Andre from MyoGen here our much anticipated price list!

MyoGen is a company that continues to inspire athletes worldwide with our innovative range.

Recently we introduced our range of pinnacle performance, next generation anabolic performance enhancing steroids and protections. These high quality anabolics have been carefully engineered to set a new performance benchmark within the industry.

Our steroids are designed to support athletes during the rigor of competition, whether they need to shed weight, increase muscle mass or improve strength. No matter your goal, MyoGen has a product to support you.

Quality is what we are judged against. If we aren’t great, then nothing else matters. Every product we make is tested once by us and again by an independent laboratory to ensure quality is high and our customers remain satisfied.

As part of our commitment to the fitness industry, we recognize the importance of ensuring our anabolics are appropriately priced. Great gear doesn’t always have to mean high prices, therefore, we regularly assess our manufacturing methods to ensure we work in the most efficient way possible.

Below, you will find our prices.

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Amps or Vials?

Also we had a few people ask across various forums, why have we chosen amps over vials? I know people have their own individual preferences on this topic. These are the key reasons we have chosen to make MyoGen injectable available in amps instead of vials.

Along with quality, our customers’ health and safety is our primary focus. By using amps, there is less chance of contamination and the product is kept in a more sterile environment. Product use is more sanitary due to not having to make multiple withdrawals (as with a vial).

Secondly, ampoules are more difficult to counterfeit simply because they are harder to manufacture than vials. They require specific machinery to fill and seal.

Thirdly, we have found that amps offer better protection during shipping. If an amp is damaged during transport less of the product is lost.

That’s all I have for you today, I look forward to our next update in a few days, where I will be revealing some incredible news about our mobile application and how we are using the latest augmented reality to revolutionize the user experience.



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MyoGen BeMax Augmented Reality and Mobile App

Hi, Andre from MyoGen here with some intriguing news about our new mobile app and how we are giving our customers an enhanced service and experience by embracing augmented reality.

Every MyoGen product is Augmented Reality (AR) enabled. This gives the consumer instant access to valuable information about the steroids they are interested in and clearly positions MyoGen as an innovative and modern company willing to go beyond limits to deliver additional value.

With the launch of our new product range, MyoGen is making it easy for users to share in our vision, by using the latest technology available.

1. Augmented Reality Scannable Barcode
Featured on the packaging of each product, this code allows instant access to a wealth of information such as lab test and purity results, product pages, authorized resellers and connection to MyoGens communication channels.

2. Product QR Codes
QR codes makes it easy for anyone to easily verify the authenticity of your anabolic product by checking it against our secure database. We check if your QR code has been used before and send you the results instantly.

3. Workout App by MyoGen
To further our vision of combining the latest science with elite sports performance, we have developed our BeMax workout app for smart devices. This supports full augmented reality and QR code functions as well as performing detailed workout tracking, tutorial and how-to videos, and comprehensive workout plans to give you the motivation and support needed to reach your personal goals.

Augmented Reality and the latest technology make it easy for our customers to join us in translating our vision into reality and inspiring athletes around the world.


Why a Mobile Application?

A large problem with steroid use, particularly among first time users, is getting their hands on reliable information that will enable them to conduct their cycle safely. By making our quality reports easily accessible and authentication process simple, we help give users peace of mind when it comes to safety, quality and their own health.

We make it simple to get information directly from the manufacturer as well as various industry experts so that a cycle can be safely completed in the most optimal way, and to help our customers reach their physical best.

Part of the problem with the current industry is that as steroid use increases internationally, there is an attempt to stifle the flow of reliable information that people need to keep themselves safe. Our BeMax application is one of several strategies that MyoGen has in place to allow easy access to reliable information.

That’s all the news I have for today, I’ll be back in a few days to introduce you to Gallene Sciences, the parent company of MyoGen and to explain the role they play in production of hormones and other medicines.



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A Spotlight on Gallene Sciences

Hello there, this is Andre from MyoGen and I am back to introduce you to Gallene Sciences, the parent company behind MyoGen.

As a new company, we aren't shy about shaking things up. Gallene Sciences is relentlessly focussed on striving toward our full potential by using our innovative solutions to drive new growth.

By utilising the latest manufacturing and testing methods, we are able to consistently produce steroids of a very high quality. Coupled with our world class laboratory and experienced staff, we are ready to provide a rock solid brand you can depend on and push the industry to adapt to the new realities that it faces.

There has never been a more exciting time to enter the steroid industry. By utilizing the latest trends in research and development, we allow our lab to maintain cutting-edge science. This isn't just about releasing new steroids, it's also about making the world's best steroids even better.

As we look to the future we are carried forward by tremendous momentum. Our range of hormones and medicines will always be our greatest competitive advantage and there are is no shortage in opportunity for growth.

I hope you enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about how MyoGen came about, I will be back in a few days with a really exciting opportunity for you, a tour and showcase of our world class laboratory!



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What countries do you ship from ?

I'll go into more detail about this in a little while but shipping location is dependant on your preferred reseller. We are just a lab and are not selling to the public ourselves. This allows us to work with resellers in various locations and allow consumers greater choice (for example, choosing a domestic supplier). I'll be talking more specifically about our authorised reseller network in the coming weeks.


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Production Has Started - Video Inside

Hi valued members of Steroidology,

I know it is not time for our weekly announcement but I have something I know you are going to want to see.

A few weeks ago we started our prelaunch campaign. I realize this has been a lot of marketing to lay on you and I want to thank you all for the comments and feedback. It’s really important for us to discuss these aspects with members of this forum so we can get a better understanding of exactly what consumers expect of us.

As I mentioned at the start of our campaign, MyoGen isn’t just another lab. Part of our vision is to not only make great steroids but to offer a better user experience. This is why your feedback has been invaluable. Our team discusses all of your comments and suggestions regularly. Believe me, we are listening and now we can start to engage with the community more.

But today marks the first day when we start heading in a slightly different direction and I have some interesting news.

Production of our first product range has officially started! Now it’s not often that people get to see what a pharmaceutical manufacturing process looks like, so we took this video for you:

As you can see, the video shows SustaGen 250, our testosterone blend.

You can read more about this high quality blend here:

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New member
From what I gathered reading your materials you aren't making any steroids yourself, you are buying the raws and packaging them.

Can you describe your quality & testing tools and practices? Do you have a GC / MS machine? Do you test 100% of all raws you receive? Do you have any advanced tools to test if the compounds are racemically pure?