need help on cycle?


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I just got in a bottle of deca,test cyp 250,eqipoise.Should i take all three and if so what dosage a week
how about your stats?? ...age weight height, years training, how many cycles have u done?
7 cycles of what? Assuming you got 1-10ml bottle of each of the three products you listed and if so how long do you plan to run them for?
So we can all have the full info of your chemicals:
Deca brand and strength?
Test we know is Cyp and is 250mg so we are ok here.
EQ brand and strength?

Just taking a guess that you get the best bang for your money with the deca i will guess it is QV 300 and that the EQ is bold 200 with this:

First option is (again depends on previous cycles)
Test Cyp 250 wks 1-8 or 1-10 (250mg every 5 - 7 days)
Deca 300 wks 1-8 (300mg every 5 days)

With the Eq it has qualitys that resemble the deca so you could get more of it and save it for another cycle b/c best is at 400mg + a wk. You could also toss it into this cycle and try to get a cinergy of all three chemicals and use it
wks 1-8 (200mg every 5 days)

My 2cc's would be to:

Test cyp 250 every 5 days.... b/c 250mg a wk is a moderate dose if you have done 7 cycles of test.....I am not saying that if you do things right you couldnt see gains or cuts at 250mg a wk dependent on what you have achieved in passed and kept as weight compared to BMI.
Anyway so that is
250mg of test every 5 day
300mg of deca every 5 days (better if you had more for 12+ wks)
get more Eq and add to another cycle
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You are really limited to the length of the cycle you can run with only 1-10ml bottle of each. Is there anyway you can get another bottle of each so you can run a 10 week cycle? That would be better! If you can't then run it the way gymlion said, maybe that will work for ya. Running it that way would give you approx. 7 weeks.