need help...ventro glute...


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whats up bros!

hate sounding like a total newb here, but i have done a ton of searching...reading on other sites and even searched this site still to no avail...
even read this thread :

and still totally confused...does anyone have any tips on hitting the ventro glute? i want to add this into my rotation, but everything i have read and all the illustrations i have looked at for some reason im totally confused on where to shoot and everything seems upside down to me. Some pictures show it actually at the glute, some people say its near the front above the hip and some are like its on your side...dont know what to believe

ive tried feeling for it, and looking for the spot just scared to inject if im not sure...
anyone have any personal photos they could share of the exact pin site? if you dont want to post it here feel free to PM me, just want some help!

Thanks in pin is friday...want to try it out by then