new bottles hgh jinotropin

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Your just asking to get scammed. Dont ever post like that again or your gone.

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supermatin said:
sorry everyone, Its my first time. Well, I wish you guys would help out rather than put me down.

My apologies. Its just that lately there have been a ton of open sourcing posting and openly asking for sources.

Check out the "New Members Forum" when you go into the anabolic forum. Theres lots of good info there for new members.

Basically dont ask for sources on the board at all and you'll be fine. We as members of this particular community need to be very cautious with regards to the legalities of what we are dealing with here. Most of us are major contributors to society and dont need the law coming down on us for being careless. Remember, even though we are simply improving our bodies, there are rules against that and we need to be smart about how we go about things.
thanks biggie, I ppreciate the input you guys have been very helpful in a short period of time. thanks again biggie.