New Law passed on Homeland security:All commercial pack checked!


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Wow, all commercial packages checked. man so that means x-ray machines and therefore the finding of any gear wit metal on it. Like deca, and sp forth.:40oz:
twoman2000 said:
Wow, all commercial packages checked. man so that means x-ray machines and therefore the finding of any gear wit metal on it. Like deca, and sp forth.:40oz:
are you saying X-ray machines for customs? they have always had them. or are you saying all domestic now is being x-rayed? lol
twoman2000 said:
Wow, all commercial packages checked. man so that means x-ray machines and therefore the finding of any gear wit metal on it. Like deca, and sp forth.:40oz:

I'm with everyone on this, would like to see some backup. Work in this area and depends on which laws you are referring to, as several are part'n'parcel (no pun intended) of the US Patriot Act and have been in effect for a while. Others have precise limitations and control mechanisms for what can be checked, why, etc.
dunno where you read this but after doing a search of various news organization sites i have no confirmation.
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Well if you read the paper. It will show that the house has passed this law. Under the section of what was done in the government, it wil tell you exactly that. Its not bull, it is on every package that comes imported. So they said every commercial package will be scanned like a person going ona plane or your carry on luggage. No joke, guys! what ican do is scan in the article well its not an article it just saids how many nay and how many yea for certain lwas and thats what came up with a huge YEA for it. Believe it or not., order some gear internationaly and see, if it goesthrough then thats great.
the 18 gauge thing, yeah its a joke,but there is some guy on the other boards who did surgerythemselves I saw the pic, very nasty, and bloody. A tattoo artist i think. Well the above article i wish was a joke cause then o would laugh wit you guys, so i won't order things that havemetal on them, kinda sucks but one of the packages i ordered never came only a letter of it being seized, and it had deca.
Can anyone confirm that items such as Organon and Norma Deca which have metal tops are more likely to cause problems with the x-ray machines?
Bro. I apologize for my attuitude. It was very uncalled for, and I have been doing that alot lately. Sometimes I should take more deep breaths with a 10-count I think. Your news about imported items is nothing new though, as imports have always been x-rayed for years. If they are coming in from a "target" Country, then that is always the first step in the process of determining wether or nor there is contraband inside the parcel. If the parcel was sent EXPRESS(EMS) to boot, then the chances increase that it could get x-rayed despite the Country of origin.

As far as Domestic packages. I didn't hear of any LAWS being passed about that. I do think that if you asked "is it out of the realm of possibility that this will happen with Domestic Express Mail" though, I would say that the chances of this happening in the near futre are EXTREMELY good. I have read articles that indicate that an increasing amount of Express Mails are already being x-rayed with a higher level of occurrence.

Laws or no laws, you have to figure this: It is in the best interest of the delivery companies(Fed-Ex, UPS, & USPS) to want to x-ray packages going on planes(especially their planes). After 9/11, I'm sure that the powers that be for all 3 companies realized the HUGE financial collapse possible if ever some kind of mail bomb were placed on one of their planes, thus destroying it. Lose a plane...lose packages...lose a ton of business + the coin they lost on the plane being destroyed to start with. Even if it were not one of their birds, you could only imagine the amount of lawsuits to follow by the families of victims, once they find out that these companies were not taking reasonable safety measures with the cargo they were loading onto a commercial airliner.

I think this will happen, if it hasn't yet(as far as it being LAW I mean). ANYTHING(speaking of parcels) that must go onto a plane to make its' final destination will be x-rayed. That includes Priority, and 3-day-Select services as well. If they go airborne, then they will get x-rayed. Can you say Gound Mail?
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It doesnt matter if its metal or not.
It all shows up as an outline almost like everything is transparent. The metal objects just stand out alot better.
I could just imagine what it would look like with about 50 amps!


That shit would stand out like a sore thumb :eek:
Ok. let's assume that they x-ray everything, including domestic express and priority packages. Is that really going to make any difference? They want to prevent people from blowing up an airplane, and I don't think that anyone will pay much attention to a couple of vials that obviously do not resemble anything that would explode. The sheer volume of mail that would have to be x-rayed would dictate that they won't mess with a package unless there is something really weird inside. Now, I am no so naive to think that they won't look for drug shipments, but unless it's a huge order, I don't think that anything will happen.