NO2 whats the deal with this stuff????

I have heard some good things about it and right after i'm done the animal stack i'm going on it. So in 2 1/2 weeks.

From everyone that I know used it, they claim that the got the results that they say in "NO2 the 21 day transformation"
Search for NO2 under my name,...... I posted a lengthy post explaining how its useless and may actually be determental to muscle growth..
Isn't NO2 what i used to suck out of balloons for five bucks a pop in college, lol.
damn it i just bought it. I guess i should take it back.

Thats alot of good info that you posted YJ, but it's bad for me.
if you already bought it why dont you try it and see for yourself if its any good? i was just about to post the very same question about NO2 since a friend pointed me in its direction. heres a link that talks about it and from the link i gathered that it was bullshit, but i also wanted to see if any of you bros had personally tried it and what kind of results you got. from what im seeing it sounds like the verdict is towards it being bunk. laters.
Not to beat a dead horse but it did nothing for me either, didnt even feel a freakin pump like it I know better and spend that money on food and protein :D