Nutrition***65279;*and sp***65279;ecial diets***65279;


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Nutrition***65279;***65279;*is an extremely complex science that deals with a system so intricate that it is oft difficult to fathom. Our bod***65279;ies require many different things from the food we eat and we need the specific sustenance they offer in varying quantities and forms. One of the largest factors in determining the right diet is your own health and wellbeing. Certain problems present specific challenges that may alter the foods you can and should consume.***65279;

To explain the way in which these conditions relate to your daily intake, we have compiled a list of resources written to assist anyone with a condition that significantly affects their lifestyle. Whether you are simply suffering from a deficiency or a surplus of a parti***65279;cular nutrient or you have a clinical condition that demands an entirely distinctive diet- Here are some example diets::

21 Day Fix »***65279;

While eating healthy varies from person to person, there are a wide variety of diets that***65279;*claim to offer a one-size-fits-all approach to becoming a leaner, healthier you. The 21 Day Fix is a diet and exercise program aimed at helping anyone lose weight. Learn more about this program here!

5 Popular Diet Similarities****65279;»

There are a large number of diets that vie for our attention, and while some include s***65279;pecific considerations for those with particular needs- most diets have a few central ideas in common. Discover the heart of healthy eating with these 5 ubiquitous aspects of a wholesome***65279;*diet.

Alkaline Diet »

The alkaline diet emphasizes controlling your body’s pH through the foods you ea***65279;t. Proponents of this diet believe that acidic foods can do serious damage to your body and can lead to chronic illnesses and conditions. Learn which foods are alkaline and which are aci***65279;dic here.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet »

Inflammation is a natural process that is necessary to our body’s healthy fun***65279;ction. However, when this process occurs in excess, it can also contribute to a myriad of chronic health problems. The foods we eat can impact the body’s inflammatory response, and****65279;an anti-inflammatory diet aims to do just that. Discover the top foods to eat to mitigate the harmful effects of inflammation and which inflammatory foods to avoid here.

Calorie Counting »***65279;

It seems simple: less calories in than calories out results in weight loss. But, there are plenty of factors that influence the amount of***65279;*calories your body needs- and ignoring these dietary aspects can result in disaster. Learn everything you need to know about calorie counting for weight loss here.***65279;

Carb Cycling Diet »

What is carb cycling and does it work? Learn all about this new diet and the ways in****65279;which bodybuilders are hoping to attain a fit physique by altering their carb consumption on a day-to-day basis with this informative guide to****65279;a carb cycling diet.

Celiac Disease »

Celiac disease affects the body’s ab***65279;ility to metabolize gluten, which can severely impact the diet of those afflicted by the condition. Because it is quite rare, it often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed in those who suffer from its maleffects. Learn more about the di***65279;sease, including ways to maintain your health while living with the disorder, here.

Cholesterol »***65279;

Cholesterol comes with serious consequences to your cardiovascular system; but, there are both good and bad forms of the substance. In fact, this chemical is essential to your well-be***65279;ing. Both good and bad kinds of cholesterol can be found in a wide variety of foods, so how do you know which to eat and which to avoid? Learn all about the different types of cholesterol, the foods that contain them, and how you can kee***65279;p a healthy cholesterol level here.

Clean Eating »

Clean eating is a lifestyle of healthy****65279;eating that involves forsaking the artificial. Unlike other diets, this entails checking not only the content of your food, but the source from which it comes and the methods used to prepare it. Learn all about the potential health benefits of this habitual hunt for natural foods and how you can get clean today.

Crohn's Disease »

Crohn’s disease is a form of inflammatory bowel disease that can seriously damage the gastrointestinal system. Though little is understood about the condition, there are ways to mitigate its effects. Learn how making certain dietary changes may improve the condition of those living with the condition here.

DASH Diet »

The DASH diet is a specialized plan for those suffering from or at risk for hypertension. Lowering your blood pressure can also help reduce the risk of developing chronic disease. Learn all about the DASH diet and improve your eating habits and blood pressure levels today!

Detox Diet »

Detox diets are popular, usually short-term, methods of trying to cleanse the body. Depending on the specific diet, your detox diet may purport to aid in weight loss, remove toxins from the body, or otherwise counteract the effects of toxic chemicals. But how effective are detox diets really? Learn all about these fad diets and how they function here.

Diabetes »

Diabetes can be a debilitating condition and may significantly alter your lifestyle; two forms of the disease exist and each offers its own limitations. Learn all about both forms of the disease and how you can protect yourself from its ill-effects with healthy meals and recipes selected specifically to address its symptoms.

Diabetes Diet »

A healthy diabetes diet is similar to many other healthy, well-rounded diets. Learn the basics of eating with diabetes mellitus, including food recommendations from a Registered Dietitian, here at

Diet Pill Dangers »

Losing weight can appear an onerous endeavor to many; and, when faced with the need to slim down, many find the promise of fast and easy weight loss as a beautiful gift from above. But, as appealing as they are, diet pills and those who promote them may prove to be more capricious than benevolent. Learn the truth about different diet pills and the promises they make, and discover safe and healthy alternatives here.

Fat Burning Foods »

Losing weight is already a difficult endeavor for many and focusing on “problem areas” can prove even more arduous. The right diet, however, can stimulate your body to metabolize fat and help keep you lean and toned in your efforts to stay healthy. Learn which foods facilitate fat burning and how to add them to your diet here.

Gluten-free Diet »

Gluten is a protein commonly found in grain-based products that can really irritate the digestive system of a select portion of the population. As such, many Americans are electing to avoid this problematic protein altogether. Learn more about gluten, the problems that it causes, the foods that contain it, and the best ways to stay gluten-free here at

Glycemic Index »

Many know that the glycemic index is a popular tool for those that need help regulating their blood sugar levels; but, how does the index actually work? Learn what glycemic index values actually mean and how to use these numbers to effectively control your glucose levels throughout the day.

Heart Health »

Be kind to your heart with these cardiovascular-friendly foods. These healthy snacks contain key nutrients like antioxidants and potassium, which are geared to support your heart.

High Blood Pressure Diet »

Hypertension is a dangerous medical condition that can significantly increase risk for chronic disease. Certain dietary changes can help assuage the condition and may facilitate additional changes to support overall health. Learn the foods that contribute to a hypertensive state and what you can do to lower your blood pressure naturally.

High Fiber Foods »

Fiber is an important part of any diet and many don’t eat enough of it. Learn all about this essential nutrient and the foods that contain it, and find the best sources of fiber to add to any diet here.

How to Eat Healthy »

Not sure where to start with your endeavor to eat healthy? Check out our advice for those that aim to improve their dietary habits complete with tips to sticking to your goals, easy recipes, and scrumptious ready-made snacks!

How to Lower Blood Pressure »

Learn the key ways you can change your day to day lifestyle to lower your blood pressure level. A healthy blood pressure level can protect you against chronic disease and other dangers.

Hypertension »

Hypertension, or abnormally high blood pressure, can lead to a myriad of health problems, including heart attack and stroke. Learn about the dangers hypertensive disorder poses and how you can reduce your risk for developing hypertension or for facilitating the severity of the condition.

IBS Diet »

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, afflicts more than 10% of the population. Though symptoms vary, diet can exacerbate symptoms associated with the reactions caused by the condition. Controlling your diet and lifestyle can help offer much needed relief to those suffering from the condition. Learn more here.

Ketogenic Diet »

The ketogenic diet attempts to induce ketosis to facilitate fat burning and to encourage healthy weight loss and improved health. But does it work? Learn all about this trending topic and the merits behind its innovative ideas with this exploration into the ketogenic diet and its efficacy.

Liquid Diet »

The liquid diet is a means of accommodating those with certain restrictions as they recover from select medical conditions. There are variations of the diet that accommodate different medical needs, and you can learn more about each of these varieties here.

Low GI Foods »

The glycemic index was created to help create an awareness of the impact select foods will have on blood sugar levels. An essential tool for diabetics, the glycemic index allows us to focus our diet on low glycemic foods that will keep our blood sugar at a manageable level. Discover delicious low GI foods to help you care for your body with these simple meal suggestions!

Low-Carb Diet and Foods »

Learn about how to adhere to a low-carb diet and how to reduce your carb intake at We even have food recommendations from a Registered Dietitian!

Low-Fat High-Carb Diet »

Cutting carbs is all the rage with countless diets advocating a cessation to carb consumption as a one-size-fits all solution to our ails. But, a new diet claims that consuming more carbohydrates may in fact be the answer. Learn all about the low-fat, high-carb diet here at

Mediterranean Diet »

Discover our Mediterranean Diet recipes and snacks and learn all about this lifestyle and its innumerable health benefits.

Mediterranean Diet Foods »

The Mediterranean Diet is more than a fad, with several scientific studies citing it as the healthiest diet around. Discover our favorite staples of the diet to have on hand with this simple list!

Military Diet »

The military diet is a strategy for weight loss that may seem incredibly appealing, but is the diet all its cracked up to be? The diet promises weight loss of up to 10 pounds without sacrificing their favorite foods. Learn all about this diet and how it works here.

Nutrition Labels Explained »

For those that aim to eat healthy, the nutrition labels of a food can be an invaluable tool. But, this curious codex can often keep the true nutritive value (or lack thereof) completely obscured behind an amalgam of percentages, schemes, and jargon. Commit these simple tips to memory to ensure that you consistently select the best foods to meet your dietary needs.

Paleo Diet »

Trying to lose weight? Pursuing a diet that supports the clean eating lifestyle? Wary of antinutrients and the overwhelming caloric value of carbs? Perhaps the paleo diet is right for you. Learn more about this scientifically supported means of losing weight here.

Raw Food Diet »

There’s no doubt about it: when you cook your food, you alter it at a molecular level. Many believe these changes are detrimental to the offerings of select foods, and prefer a diet that evades all forms of processing to pursue the pure nutritive value of everything that passes through their lips. This diet, also known as the raw diet, is difficult to maintain- but is it worth it? Learn more here.

Superfoods »

Let’s face it: not all foods were created equal. If you’re finding it difficult to meet your nutritional needs then we have a pleasant surprise for you: there are some nutriments that offer monumental amounts of nutrients to help round out your diet with just a few simple steps. Learn all about these brilliantly beneficial superfoods and the sustenance they supply here.

Sustainable Weight Loss »

Looking ot lose weight? There are countless diets that offer supposed solutions to shirking that surplus body fat, but some supply weight loss solutions that are more sustainable than others. Discover the best ways to shed those pounds and keep them off with these considerations for the best sustainable weight loss diets known today.

Thrive Diet »

Searching for a way to boost your energy levels while reducing your stress levels and improving your overall health? The Thrive diet aims to accomplish this and more with a vegan program developed by Ironman athlete and Vega product developer, Brendan Brazier. Learn more about the diet and if it can help you meet your goals here.

Vegan Diet »

One of the most strict diets around is also one of the most rewarding. Practicing vegans forego all manners of animal products, including many you may find surprising. Learn about the ethos, the logos, and the logistics of the vegan lifestyle here.

Vegetarian Diet »

Foregoing all manners of meats is a worthy feat, but a strict restriction on your diet can cause certain difficulties. There are many variations of the diet, each of which offers its own practical or ethical explanations. Learn all about this lifestyle, its growing popularity, and how you can develop healthy vegetarian habits.

Weight Loss Shakes »

Creating shakes with the nutrients of a typical meal can produce a healthy way to stimulate your metabolism while restricting your daily calorie count. Learn all about this efficacious weight loss strategy and how it can help you meet your goals.

Whole30 »

The Whole30 Program is a temporary diet that is designed to change the way you eat forever. Learn how this diet utilizes on simple concept to identify the foods that are right for you with this basic guide to the Whole30 diet.