nyc or eca or clen and insulin


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which one is the best for working out on and the best fat burner and it will not make you lose muscle when you take it ???????????

and which one you can take while you are on insulin so it does not block your receptor???????????????:confused:
oh come on dudes i need this advise because i have been on insulin now and i would like to take a training booster
You have said in your other threads that you ask questions about insulin that you have reasearch insulin VERY well. So what do you think something that boosts your metabolism and energy level will do when combined with insulin?
i said that i research how to use insulin with out killing me using the right way i never research on what will block the insulin out???????
okay i kind of person that will tell when i am wrong so sorry for asking that question dudes ,because i just found that kind of def. for eca and insulin but thanks for the replys