Possibly ending first TEST Only Cycle in first week.


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Last monday I began my first cycle of Test E 500 mg/a week (mon/thursday) splitted.

First week I experienced a lot of pip most likely due first inject ever (it's okay). In the first week I would experience "test flu" similar symptoms sleepiness, red flushing on face and body and testicles have shrunk quite a bit already but first week I had a good increase in libido and other good stuff. At sunday I took my first dose of AI (Arimidex) 0.25 mg was told I should wait until second week before administrating anti-estrogens. Followed by yesterday I did my second pin at 250/mg (monday) which resulted in some serious bloating neck, face, throat, chest, stomach, legs, ankles, I was just flabby and holding a lot of water feeling ass. I even left work to get another AI 0.25 mg.

So I was swelling up until I was all flabby and really agitated due to it (possible high E2 levels) slightly neurotic and hyper conscious about the water retention even my fucking lips looked plumper c'mon. This isn't very ideal for me and I assumed for myself that I can run this like a car when it's in fact like steering a boat, and yes I'm an idiot for thinking life is just a video game. Almost as if E just shot up into the skies and I didn't run AI early enough and probably should lower my dose because it seems that I'm sensitive. seem to have done much yet and I don't know how long that will take but I have lost all my definition during this time and strongly considering abandoning this all together since the T is really effective on me for sure. I haven't been eating any carbs due to this or anything much for that matter compared to whilst natural.

Perhaps itthe dosage is just too strong for me at 500. I don't really know when Arimidex should start working considering that stuff I don't wanna overdo it either.

Sunday 0,25mg
Monday 0,50mg
Tuesday 0,50mg

So if I would begin a PCT say in 12-14 days (Clomid, Nolva) could I start running HCG at 500ui E3D just to bring my testicles up in order for a smooth transit and stop HCG 3 days before PCT? I can take some water retention for sure but this can be ideal stomachs all flabby, chest and lump of water hanging under my chin. I did legs today and I just felt dull, out of it in a sense. I just did random shit in-order to move it's impossible to train with such SUB Q retention.

First Week, Monday: imgur.com/a/c1S6J
Second Week, Monday: imgur.com/skQQocb

Advice is more than welcome I have two days to make this decision, one part of me wants to continue but I just feel that the symptoms can't be good. Either it's me failing psychologically to what I'm experiencing that's just the name of the game (most possibly). Or there's something I have missed, getting blood works tomorrow.

I mean is it normal to shoot up like a fucking pig in the first week? Test legit
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Retention seem to alleviate my face/chin is pretty restored. Arimidex half-life 46 hours. Should I switch to E2D 0.25 or keep it at 0.5 to not rebound? I almost never carry water/bloat otherwise so I'd presume my estradiol is pretty much on the low scale naturally and I understand balance is key running AI. No carbs today only salmon, beef and crucifious and green veggies.