Post cycle therapy (pct) Question...


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PCT Question...

Hi everyone!

I just had a few simple questions regarding PCT.

First of all, I just finished a 2nd cycle of M1T(yes, i know its frowned upon), however it's all that I can find right now. I went with a really light dose on the cycle and actually noticed some significant strength and size gains. However, I still have a lot of bloat and its been nearly a month since my cycle.

The first cycle I had no problem with gyno/or bloat, and this cycle I haven't had any gyno problems at all, but it seems like I retained a lot of water. The bloat in my face/jaw area has become fairly noticeable.

Now my question is... would any post cycle therapy (pct) actually help the bloat problem since its been so long since my actual cycle? Would it make any difference at all? I have done my best to keep an extremely low sodium diet, and now that I'm on a cut, carbs won't be an issue either.

If so, what post cycle therapy (pct) would I consider and at what dose?

I'm 21 at 5'11 186lbs at 12-13% bodyfat if that helps at all.

Thank you very much!