** Post Cycle therapy question? **


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To all,

Just wanna ask who in here has used or does use Glutamine along with their post cycle therapy to help spare muscle? I have heard some good stuff but does it really make that big a difference when trying to hold on to muscle while you were on AS? Thanks all.

i use glutamine pretty much all of the time, i like to use creatine post cycle as i believe it does help a little.
Great for the immune system........and MAYBE "ok" for the amino acid pool.....but I personaly think it's over-rated!
Better IMO:

Phosphadytlserine, high calories/protein k/cal,less intensity workouts, HMB (screw you all......I like it when I'm dieting!)
Most of the Glutamine u take in is not absorbed, its such a waste of cash IMO.