prolab and isopro?


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has any one of u used these products, how are they? i currently use optimum but just want to see if there is any other good whey/weight gainers out there.


Prolabs what? Prolabs is a company.... I have use Isopure, its not a pleasant taste, but no carbs....


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I use prolab N-LARGE2

chocolate tastes great and mix well.

gives me what I need and cost same or less than optimum.

well prolab whey costs less than optimum here.

but the difference is really slight.

i wanna try interactive mammoth 2500. cost less than both here. someone tried it ?


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I just buy Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey. Costs less than $50.00 for a 5lb tub. It tastes good and mixes well so I'm happy!


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Post workout, I like NLarge2 and I also like Optimuim's After-Max. Pretty good stuff. Also, like Fyre said, SportLab makes Thicken, and that stuff is damned good