Protein and carb intake while bulking


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Just wondering how people are manipulating their diets when on bulking cycles. Like how much extra protein do you get per day compared to when you are cutting or just in a maintance phase? Also, the same question but for your carbs. Lastly, do you still really pay attention to your specific type of carb intake when on a bulker?
When I bulk I dont pay attention to much. I do make sure I eat enough meat. I try to stay away from friend foods, chips and such ( but not always) When I bulk I just try to eat as much as I can.
if your bulking, dont be too concerned with carb/protein intake.......just eat eat eat! anything worth doins worth doin right. body by wendys!
I'm 220 lbs I always try to get around 300g of Protein a day w/ 400-500 carbs 150 fat. But then again every day is different..some times more carbs some times less carbs. I always try to keep my diet clean. Once aweek I will go to China buffet and pig out. LOL
When I'm cutting down I'll do cardio.
I am usually on a year round diet. In other words i always pay attention to what i take in. If i am trying to bulk up i will take in around 1.5-2 grams of protein per bw and 2-3 grams of carbs per bw. When i go to diet i fluctuate my carbs and keep my protein around 2 time my bw. Of course when i am not dieting i will go out to eat everyonce in a while too.