puffy nips question


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Im on day 6 of 500mg enth, 400mg EQ, and 30mg d-bol ed. I might just be kinda paraniod but I think my nips are a little puffy. No lump or anything like that. Im taking liquidex at .5mg eod. Today I took 20mg of nolva jsut to be safe. Im going to continue to take l-dex at .5mg eod but on the days I dont take it Im going to take nolva at 10mg just to be safe. Is this alright to do?
Yes, it is safe but i am not positive it is Gyno......To be safe go Nolvadex 10mg. per day and .5 Arimidex eod.....If the Gyno does indeed flare up then jack the Nolvadex to twenty mlgs. twice per day for two weeks, then 10mg. throughout......Another thing that would probably stop it is dropping D-bol it will exit quickly due to short half-life....
Drop the dbol and bump the nolva- you will be fine. It is more than likely just the on-set of gyno.