Push50's RUI MK-677 Review


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This is my review of MK-677 which was purchased for my research through RUI Products

I have purchased many of RUI’s products such as Prami, MK-677, LGD-4033, IGF-1Ec, IGF-Lr3, and IGF-DES. Every product that I have used has worked exactly as expected. RUI is my go to for all research products and it is nice to know I can rely on the effectiveness and their professionalism. They have been around for a long time, prices are sometimes a little higher than other research chemical sites, but you are paying for is a legit product. I am always satisfied with RUI and their products.

Communication/ Ordering Process: 10/10
Communication has always been prompt. I cannot speak to how they handle phone because I have never had any issues with my orders or shipments. If any questions, comments, I email customer service and they promptly respond back to me within the hours.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging 10/10
Turn Around time for me is always quick and I do not think I have ever waited more than 5 working days to receive an order. Packaging is always very careful and discreet, always extra bubble wrapped so that items will never break. I have ordered peptides from other research companies and the one thing that really stands out to me is that in addition to bubble wrap, the peptides from RUI arrive wrapped in an insulated pouch with ice packs to maintain the temperature. Temperature control can be critical with peptides.

Product Effectiveness and Experience 10/10
Every item I have used from here I know is 100% legit. In the 6 years that I have used their products, I have never had any issue with under dosed or ineffective products.
The MK-677 that I purchased from RUI Products was 30 ml/ 25mg/ml.
I ran 25mg/day for 30 days. The effectiveness of the product was gauged by the known side effects and/or benefits that can present themselves with elevated GH levels.
First, I have had shoulder surgery for torn ligaments, Supraspinatus and subscapularis, in the past 2 years. I have had some limited range of motion to that shoulder since then. About 2 weeks into using the MK-677 I noticed that my range of motion had improved. Elevated GH levels are known to provide more rapid healing of ligaments, tendon, bones as well as “Old Injuries”.
Secondly, being 52 years old, I have a few wrinkles. My wife made the comment that my skin was looking tighter and I had less wrinkles. This is not something that I would typically notice but I am glad that she brought it to my attention. Because MK-677 improves somatotroph signaling in GHRH, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone which is the precursor to HGH and GHRH has been shown to have anti-aging, and I would purpose in this case, ageing reversal to a point.
Third, MK677 is said to increase the oxidation of stored fats, also known as Lipolysis. Lipolysis is also known for the breakdown of stored fat. This is accomplished through a chemical reaction called hydrolysis, in which one molecule is split apart--in this case a molecule called triglyceride--into two molecules. In order to make the molecules completely independent, a fragmented water molecule is added to the open ends to “cap” them off and prevent any further bonding.
To be converted into a usable form of energy, fatty acids go through a process called beta oxidation. In chemistry oxidation is a loss of electrons, which signals a change in the bonding properties and charge of the molecule. When we use energy we say that we are burning calories. Molecularly, this is true, however, it’s not quite how we imagine burning to be. It’s simply a set of chemical transformations. The eventual purpose of these metabolic reactions is to produce ATP, a molecule that stores energy until it can be released to essentially power the body.
Stored fat is used to produce energy whenever your body runs out of energy from the foods you eat or carbohydrates stored elsewhere. So the entire idea of weight loss is founded upon the basic notion that your body will rely upon these pent up stores in times of need, which is why it’s important to moderate calorie consumption and eat healthy foods.
The attached split pictures were taken 6 days apart 3 weeks into my run with MK-677. Yes, I was running other gear as well, cut my caloric intake and increased cardio, however, the drastic change in body fat I believe was due primarily to the increased oxidation of stored fats promoted by the MK-677.
As for the notable side effects that can be expected with elevated GH levels, I had tingling in my fingers and primarily the outside of the hands up into my pinky, very vivid dreams for the first 2 weeks or so, minimal water retention and an increase in appetite. The increased appetite was only an issue for the first week. Even though I took the mk677 at bedtime I would wake up 3-4 hours later feeling like I hadn’t eaten in weeks.
If you are looking for a fast and reliable RC site, RUI Products is a great company to work with. I will always go to RUI for my research needs and they never disappoint.