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Charles Bronson

old timey gentleman
just want to say a huge thank to RUI for handling what was definately 100% MY fuck up, and after i figured out exactly what a bonehead i was - getting me what i needed 24 hours later

a while back i made an order from RUI, paid for the rush delivery..

and having changed addresses three times in 8 months - in filling out the form for delivery i fucked up the zip

yea.. i had a long day , it was late, i had a dead hooker in the trunk of my car, ran out of my psych meds whatever - can make all the excuses you want - but when you are a grown man and you fuck up YOUR OWN GOD DAMN ADDRESS ?!?!?! it is a bonehead move. there is just no way around it .

so i contacted RUI, let them know it was my fault, that i had pulled a total dipshit move

i was going to have to pay for rush delivery again (really needed that ralox for my research ok?) i emailed them and made sure i sent them the correction in my information..

in my little email i cried real tears about fucking the whole thing up, apologized for being a twat and putting them through the hassle - then half jokingly asked if they'd consider tossing in some kind of a freebie to offset a little bit of the ass hurt anal pain i was feeling at paying for rush delivery twice now

the response was unreal - they tossed in a free bottle of malanotan (which my pale Nordic rats desperately needs!!!!!) AND then they reached into their own pockets and paid to have it all sent to me overnight

yea.. on their dime

ok? so lets recap: after i fucked this all up - they paid to have it sent back out to me AND tossed in a freeb...

just confirmed what ive already known about RUI for years man.. ill never use anyone else's products when it comes to something that is this important , ill never deal with anyone but the outstanding individuals i have encountered at RUI over the years. period

i have spent years dealing exclusively with RUI solely for the peace of mind in quality, but you add to that their more than competitive prices.. and really, for christ sake - just the way they treat their customers is enough for me to give them my business

i have NEVER dealt with any company so dedicated to customer satisfaction, and committed to making sure that their name and their business reputation is spotless and beyond even the tiniest bit of scrutiny

i don't know why anyone would use any other company to handle their research chem needs

guys if you fuck around with other research chem companies?? i wont have any sympathy, just none at all

yea, go shop somewhere else -

then suddenly your lab rats start growing tits even though you know your dosing is correct and 100% on?

your shit got lost in the mail ? w spend a week trying to contact someone just to let them know their delivery never arrived - meanwhile your stud guinea pig cant maintain a boner - and the female bounces out of there with a guinea pig who has an actual functioning dick?

kick yourself in the ass twice

RUI has always done more than right by me, i cant say it enough..

so this is my big shout out to RUI, guys i really do appreciate the way you've treated me over all these years.. the things you do are definately appreciated, and for sure the way you treat people and handle yourselves in every facet of what you do has made you stand out in a big way..

you'll have my business for as long as you can tolerate me..

cant thank you enough!! Charles Bronson
I have nothing but good things to say about RUI as well. Their service is excellent as are their products. I have used MANY of them, too!
They've jacked up my orders twice, but both times made it right without a hassle. Everybody makes mistakes right? Rui owned it and made it right... Will use and have used many times. Great company , I agree
RUI have nothing but a thumbs up from me, great services and my rat is alwaqys happy with their research liquids!
Yeah RUI is one of the few places I use and i regularly vouch for them, not just because they are a sponsor here, but because I have had only positive experience with them and their product.
Big ups to RUI!
One of maybe 2 RC companies total I will put my name behind. They have always done right by me with quality products and excellent service. Its nice to see someone take the time to post a thread like this. Most of the time time when someone makes a mistake they dont want to put it out there regardless of what the vendor might have done to help them out. Nice to see some humility and honesty around here, good job CB!
They have been my go to for several years now. Its nice not shopping around anymore and having a consistent source for my research products as well as peptides.