RUI Stane, Caber, and Aromasin


Fat Ass

I am ordering up my next cycle and am struggling to get a few needed items (not asking for sources but asking about an RUI product mostly).

I am missing Aromasin and Caber from my gear list. MP is out of Caber currently so I'm SOL there. I was hoping to take that beyond my cycle so I am hoping to find it somewhere soon.

The question is, when I search for Aromasin on the RUI site it comes up with "Liquid Stane" however I was under the impression it was called something else over there so I want to be sure exactly what I am getting. What is in the "Liquid Stane" from RUI? They have Prami but I can't really handle it well and would like to try Caber this run if I can find it cheap enough.

I tried a search on the liquid stane but couldn't find enough details on it. Any thoughts are appreciated.
Np. Exemestane is the drug name and aromasin is te trade name of the drug. Youll see aromasin called stane around here and other boards.
It all makes sense now....not sure why I didn't piece that together. I'm new around here, only cycled once a little over a year ago on test only and had a blast but know it could have been smoother. I want to take it more seriously this time around and make sure everything is in check and I have everything I could possibly need so I can get the most out of this. Thanks again.
Caber is the only thing I'm missing now but will try Prami again since it's available...sigh. Thanks again Rid.
Thanks Jim...still wish I could get a reliable Caber source but I've seen you swear by RUI and their prami so I'll give it a run.