should i be taking breaks from creatine?

deathmetalanimal said:
someone told me that i should stop taking creatine the last week of every month. is that true?
Ha don't ever listen to their advice again..

I think that there is proof somewhere that you don't ever have to come off believe it or not. If my memory serves me correctly, I'm pretty sure there was a study was done on mice/rats whatever, and they were giving them creatine for years straight, and when they took it away, their bodies produced it at the same rate they were before..

That being said, I will take mine for a while, then stop for a while just so I can have that slight "boost" when I start taking it again. Definately a psychological thing, but it works.
I've been taking it for ~10 years. I don't take it on non-workout days or if I am on vacation.