The Cannabis Experience Thread


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Anyone else love it? I haven't seen a thread dedicated to smoking pot, so hell here it is.

I'd love to hear some of your first time experiences, I'm sure some stories will bring plenty of laughs!

My First time:

Smoked with a smoking hot Brazilian girl beside an apartment complex, and I seriously thought I wouldn't get high. We smoked an entire blunt. I believed I would be those people that "couldn't" get high... So we sat back in the car, a nice 2008 BMW 5 series at the time I had at the time. About 25 minutes passed since I took my first hit... and still nothing.. So we sit there talking in the car, and shes like wait! I got a great song for us, so she goes to youtube and we listen to
Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High). Check it out right now as you read. Go. So as we talked I was searching things up on my phone, and for a second something felt really, really weird... so I decided to look back to her in the passenger seat.. and ALL of a sudden it was as if time had stopped. I looked at her, and the word came out my mouth "Whoaaaaa...." I then began appreciating all her gorgeous facial features and perfect complexion, and the song hit my ears like an explosion. I felt it vibrate throughout my entire body. I looked back at my phone, and I felt like I was starting at it for a minute, but it was only seconds (I forgot I wasn't alone)! I look in my side mirrors and I fuckin realized I was sitting in a car! hahahah. Then I thought to myself "where are we again" "oh yeah..." so I look back at her and man what a hell of experience we had. We made out, and it was beautiful because she had the most amazing lips. The drive home I jammed the hell out to music and when I would stop at a red light, i went to check my phone which felt like minutes, and I looked up IMMEDIATELY after thinking OMG I'm at a red light, it must be green already I've been here forever! had a damn heart attack, and realized it was still red. hahaha. Have other great experiences as well!

Lets hear yours!