The Sarms project and to new beginnings


I am banned!
Little about me-

I hate long walks on the beach. Why? Because at some point you have a long walk back.

The first portion of this log is how I came to my decision to research this particular product, why I choose this form and this source. Hopefully some of this will help those who may be thinking about using Sarms for the first time. I have been lifting for more than 20 years but became more serious over the past 7 years. Going from “I know it all,” to “I think I know it all,: to “I thought I knew it all.” Wisdom can only be gained by experience and age!

I have used PH in the past, before the “Great Ban” of 2000 era. The PH that followed were in a league of their own and before we knew the next bans were handed down. The products that we were left with seem similar to the few cans of food we pushed to the back shelve and given out when they have a food drive! Some of us may even have a stash of “goodies” laying around but at some point the expiration date will pass and we are again in search of the next big thing. For me and this is nothing against those who use AAS, I have not made that leap yet. IMHO I would prefer to cross that bridge with someone in reaching distance versus long distance. So that brings me here along with you and everyone else on this forum. And to the future readers of this post and the future log, I hope you find this helpful. I will remind you (because Sarms are for research purposes only) that the info below is being used for research purposes only and the products mentioned are being used as such and not for human consumption.

In my reading, Sarms have been around for several years; mostly used during a post cycle (Serms as well), but the big push or “hype” wasn’t really there. When you have products that seem to work, how do you push a research product that is not for human consumption and make it attractive to the consumer? There are a few logs but more posts asking “have you tried this or wtf is this?” just seem to pop up. When I looked at numerous forums it was like looking back at the stone age, reading the reply’s from forum members who gave their “so called scientific input” about the Sarms and because those members had 1000’s of posts and a rep power that any newbie would want, their word seemed to be scientific law! Shit were they wrong! The reply posts reading, “ I wouldn’t touch that stuff or stick to such and such” with nothing credible to back up any of the replies!

Moving ahead years later, we all find ourselves surviving after the latest ban set upon us asking “what shall we do now?” Have no fear, the supplement industry is here. Introducing Ostra and LG and Laxo it’s the greatest and safest thing. “These have been around for years and they are safer than AAS” and “youll make huge gains in weeks”. At first it’s all so overwhelming because it’s just thrown at you from every supplement company out there. You stop and ask yourself, if these products are so good, where were these products years ago? Why weren’t they sold before? If they are safer and the gains are there, I would have been all over this. If you have said that to yourself, you aren’t alone. So down the rabbit hole we go.

One of the biggest companies to start promoting Sarms ( I say one even though there were a few more, but it’s my research story) started to make headway. Reviews started to come back that showed promise and we weren’t so skeptical anymore. Before we knew it, there were now dozens of supplement companies selling Sarms. However, it wasn’t just one type of Sarm, we were now offered multiple products. GW, S4 and now multiple Sarm stacks were now being sold. More and more supplement companies start selling Sarms and Sarm stacks and while some of us thought we had a handle on what this was after reading logs and reviews, LG comes along.

As we move further on down the rabbit hole, more logs start to come about showing good positives as well as negatives. Just as you are ready to start your next big project another product is coming; YK. Just when you thought you had your mind made up as to which product you may use, you now find yourself back at square one. Just to add more pressure supplement companies are now spreading the word that one particular product is being pulled and several supplement companies are being sued.
WTF you might ask? I know I did. Grab the shovel, were digging again.

The quick gist of the suit: company A got in some serious trouble years ago and got fined. I believe 500 g and 100 g for selling products (not sarms) which were mislabeled. They paid the fines and cleaned up their act. Years later they come upon another supplement company selling a Sarm and the suit claims “its misleading the customer” (that’s the lawsuit not my wording) So what did they do? Yes you are correct- even if you didn’t know I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt- they called big brother. Big brother took a look and wouldn’t you know it, supplement company A was right. So supposedly another ban or stoppage of sale of a particular Sarm is under way. Reason is simple. You can’t sell a chemical that hasn’t been approved for human use and FYI- this particular Sarm is also banned by WADA. In case your research subject competes. What you never saw a Rat compete in the unparrel bars or long jump?

So why LGD and what makes this Sarm so special? With some of the Sarms being discontinued, one would think those are the strongest and the best. As I previously wrote, the Ban and lawsuit are because of reason that don’t pertain to the strength of the product. And choosing a Sarm for research, well that will be based entirely upon your needs and goals. I am not going to post what LGD can do or any of the pros and cons of other Sarms; you can find that info on your own. LGD is being researched for reasons mentioned in the description of the product.

I choose to go with a liquid form and I’ll get into the source later. Why not pills? For me that is simple. When you do some background on the Sarms products, you will note that numerous companies sell them. I am not bashing any site, any pill product or any manufacture. I have not purchased any Sarm previously in liquid or pill form, so I will not comment on a versus basis as to which is better. During my search I came across something interesting. A site that will sell you bulk quantities of Sarms in a powder form direct from Hong Kong –NO I AM NOT GIVING YOU THE SITE- and it made me wonder. How much of that product is going into a pill and how pure is that product? Ok maybe the purity is high when it leaves Ding Some Dung, but when it gets cut to become part of a mass produced, you really are relying on the manufacture to be truthful.

Let’s face it, if the product is not for human consumption and not approved by the FDA, does it really matter how pure the product is? Guess that falls on ethics. Nevertheless, logs are coming back with mixed results from pill form. More people are starting to wonder why they are having sides that are related to PH use. Theories are starting to fly and now people believe their product was spiked with PH’s. Why would a company do that? If the product does what previous reports say it does, what justification would a company have to spike a Sarm with a PH? Maybe the degree of the product isn’t so good?
That my friend is for you to ponder.

Going with a liquid form allows for a better consumption as well purity which leads me and probably you to ask; purity? Who’s got the best liquid research then? Well if you ask that on a forum, depending on who and how many sponsors there are, you will most likely get them to push that product. There are several right off the top that maybe at one point (years ago) were considered reliable. But as the years have gone by, the chemical research they provide has gone up and down. There are numerous reviews out there about many of the top research chem sites, so do your own reading and be the judge yourself. If you go into a forum and ask which is the best, you might was well go ask a drug dealer if crack is bad.

My process of elimination was this: 4-5 bad reviews given I moved onto the next. Trust me there are more than enough sites that sell research products. Just keep going until YOU feel comfortable with your choice. You will come across sites that receive a good amount of reviews. After reading dozens it will be like watching the Matrix. You will be able to weed out the bullshit ones, post that appear to be written by a Mod from another site or someone who seems to simply hate a particular company. Maybe they felt jaded or don’t like another mod/member from that company. You don’t want to base your purchase off a forum bitch fight between members!

I narrowed it down to 2 sites and with the help of forum member (at the time when I was asking direct questions to him) I didn’t know he was a sponsor. I will tell you that conversations were helpful and at no point did he steer me towards his company. I did at one point during our back and forth conversation mention another company that I had in mind. He vouched for them saying they were ok, but he sponsored someone else. No sales pressure or bashing of any other company. And for someone who is going to use a research product for research purposes, that is what you want.

Yjyankee I appreciate the help bro. I would also like to thank Psizzle for her contribution on the forum and posts about Sarms. It made finding the info I needed much easier.

For my research project, I went with SarmSearch. I placed the order on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday morning. 1 bottle of LGD nicely boxed and wrapped. Email confirmation about the purchase was sent with no issues and tracking info was received the same day; again with no issues. The only issue was ordering 1 bottle. Yes even after all of this, I made a mistake. I mean it was computer error, I take no acceptance in the error on this!

For me, I found the right forum to use, members who offer help and a great product from a great company.

Just for the record, I am not a Mod here or on another site. I don’t belong to another site and will not be logging this anywhere else. Also, I am not a sponsor of SarmSearch, although maybe one day.

The log will start in January as I will be traveling for the holidays. To all those who are looking for info on Sarms I hope some of this helped you or gave you some insight for when you or if you decided to research Sarms.