hey bro i saw this stuff also,and was thinkin of tryin it out.i had some good success with a previuos guggle complex.the stuff i used did not have any stimulants and was a little more of a thyroid support complex.i have been tryin out optibolic but i think their formula is missing somrthing.i read an article somewhere about guggle.s, it mentioned something about the use of iodine in formulation to make them effective.the first complex i used was thyro-lean and was happy with it.no iodine in the formula like opti-bolic, but i'm not as happy with optibolic so i don't know how true the iodine thing is.i will try to find some of the info iread if you would like and post or pm ya.
I was just wondering if any of you guys/gals have tried it. I have been reading some good things about it on other boards and was just looking for some more feedback.