Time to look at Primo again?


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I've seen the actually lab tests from an extremely reliable UGL source so let's assume with a high degree of probability that this is the real deal. I didn't check exactly but I think price for 120mg/ml Primo enanthate would run about $***NO PRICE DISCUSSION ALLOWED***** per vial, give or take.

Thinking ahead to a winter recomp cycle. My stats are:

43 years old. Been cycling on and off since mid- to late-20s with a few periods of several years being totally off for various reasons, namely wanting to become a dad.

6'3 225lbs bf fluctuates between 11-15% and I've been as low as 8% in the last few years but that was off cycle and I didn't look good, if you ask me.

Would something like 16 weeks of:

Test C or E at 600mg/week
Primo E 600mg/week
EQ 600/mg per week

Make sense to try to gain 10lbs of lean mass and aid a diet to get me to the lower end of my bf% range of about 11%.

PCT would be standard Nolva/Clomid protocol and I'd control E2 with Adex during cycle as needed. I rarely have estro sides and would rely on bloodwork at weeks 4, 8 and 12 to decide how much to use.

I'm inherently a pretty cheap guy but will spend if something is "worth it."

Do you all think I'm better off using MastE at 600mg rather than the primo?

Any reason to maybe consider Deca instead of EQ?

I have run a lot of TestE/EQ at 600mg/week each over the last few years and that alone will no longer get me to 235lbs at my age.

Test/Deca/Primo was a classic old cycle from my youth (while I was probably also recklessly taking 25mg of dbol per day for a full cycle because we didn't know any better) but that's largely a function of availability of those compounds prior to UGLs. EQ was an afterthought because all that was available was the old Mexican Ganabol at 50mg/ml.

What do you guys think? I feel pretty certain I'm going to have to exceed 1,500 mg/week of gear to reach this goal at my age and I want to do this as safely as possible.

Many thanks for your help
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I would think your test, EQ, and mast would be a killer cycle. Don't know anything about primo, other than it is very expensive.

I'm curious why you think at 43 you need such high doses. I'm 49, so have some skin in the game.
In terms of why the multiple compounds, it's because I tend to run into more sides anytime I go much higher than 600mg of test and I don't know how I'd respond to EQ doses higher than 600mg.

I'm finishing up 600mg/600mg of test/EQ right now and have done several of those cycles over the last 3-4 years.

I'd assume over the next 4-5 months before the next cycle I'd lose about 5lbs and probably not much more than that. So in looking for another 15 or so NET lean pounds, I think I'd have to go with more and figured a DHT would make some sense as I wouldn't have to push the test into areas I know I don't like or the EQ into areas I'm not sure I'll like.

A 19-now like deca or NPP would be a possibility, I suppose, but I've had some annoying issues but on cycle and for recovery length issues with deca at reasonably high doses even with cabergoline controlling prolactin during cycle and a solid PCT.

I have always felt great on DHTs, as well.

Thanks so much for the responses and questions. I was thinking about competing in my late-20s and, in all honesty, probably used too much back then so the high doses can serve as a warning perhaps to the younger cats out there.

Any advice much appreciated.
I'd run the masteron myself, simply for price purposes. I know of legit primo that is much less than what it once was, but still not worth it, IMO, unless you have extensive disposable income.
I'm glad to hear that there is legit primo. I've always wanted to try it but just assumed it was all fake or bunk .