To All You Fina Experts!!!!!


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Hey guys why don't you make a book on how to make fina???? Shit, if Dr. Clone can teach you how to grow weed in a closet then you should be able to make a book on how to make fina a syno. It may be way out in left field but I think it would be a good idea. Especially for dummies like me who don't know who to put a fucking bike together with out having spare parts. How a bout Fina for Dummies, lol. Really though I think it would be a good thing even if it was just for us members.

There's no reason to because the info wouldn't fill 3 pages. Besides there are plenty of howtos on the net already.
Only things that could really be covered are:
Basic Extraction
Acetone Extraction
Methanol Extraction
MAybe Trouble Shooting