Top 10 Supplement Facts You Probably Didn't Know


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Weight loss supplements have been roaming around the market for a long time and there are companies that produce their varieties of products and planning gimmicks to promote their product in the market.iPhone5 release date


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Exercise and Sport Supplements are designed to provide support and nutrition for the body during periods of exercise. We now are pleased to stock creatine, a well known supplement that helps with ATP synthesis and provides extra energy to muscles during exercise, particularly power sports and weight training.

Magnesium citrate is a bioavailable organic form of supplemental magnesium that is around 16-17% elemental magnesium by weight. Magnesium citrate has greater bioavailability than inorganic form magnesium such as oxide. We stock magnesium citrate tablets, capsules, and pure magnesium citrate powder.

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Good info overall, but...
1.)the body absorbs wholefood multies much better than synthetics. 80% vs 20% is a pretty large difference. Feel free to research New Chapter, Real Foods, or many other organic multies and compair.
2.) Fermented soy is much more beneficial than the soy commonly found on the US market which has been shown to cause numerous health problems when used for extended periods of time. While processed soy can help reduce cholesterol, it can cause other problems along the way
3.) Vitamins do give you energy, on a cellular level.
4.) There are several studies that suggest protein is necessary pre-workout to prevent muscle tissue breakdown. This is why a lot of your better pre-workouts have BCAAs.