Tren A and Tren E


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Can you jump start a Tren E cycle with Tren A?

I have only used Tren A with great results at 100mg ed for 8-12 weeks.

ed jabs get old :)

if I could do Tren A for 2 weeks ed then have the Tren E kick in at only 2 jabs a week, that would be nice.

what would be a good dose of Tren E per week?
I was thinking around 400 to 500 a week.

Yes, you certainly can jumpstart it. It would be even more effective if you used tren suspension.

ED jabs do get old for sure! I run everything ED...right now, I am running test e/deca ED. I might switch to EOD and see if I notice a difference in sides. ED sure cuts down on the sides I experience!

As far as running tren e, 400 is a very good starting dose to see where you stand with it. I can't stand tren ace at 100mg runs me crazy with sides. I like to be in the 60-80mg range. Having said that, 420mg of tren e was awesome! I liked it better than 80mg of tren ace.
Glad that question was asked. I am considering doing the same thing sometime next year sometime. Good info there Swellin... :yesway:
Junmpstarts are a waste. Get on your tren E and bee [patioent for it to kick in. YOu should be on long wenough that it shouldn't matter if it take 3 weeks to reaslly ki9ck in anyhow. Switch to your fast acting esters at the end not in the beginning. Just my 2 cents.

Edit: as far as dosing. I am using tren for the 1st time now and run tren ace @ 100 mg ED. seesm like it's working nice and it is a conservative dose considering some guys run 2g's a week of it. I know females that run it at 50mgs ED
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No way in hell is 100mg ED a conservative does.

I know of a couple of guys who claim to run tren around 2g per week, but not real certin how much of it I believe.

As for switching to fast acting esters at the end...I couldn't agree with you more. I also think they perform a very solid function in the beginning as well. Most folks run dbol or tne or drol at the beginning of their cycles so they can go ahead and have things happening while they are waiting on their slower acting gear to really show benefits.

I have run cycles with kickstarts and without. No way in hell will I ever run another one without.

To each his own though.

I think you hit on something else of importance as well though....running it long enough that it shouldn't matter. i agree completley with you about duration...just not at all about the kickstart.

I wish more folks would switch off to fast acting stuff in the just makes a world of sense to do so. Nice of you to bring it up in this discussion.
Well I gauged the tren asce dose off the guys that I know in the competitive powerlifting community and also gauging what the chicks run. All I know is thre sin't much negatrive going opn at 100mg ED. I actually missed a couple times and went EOD and that increased sides.

I personally know a guy who ran 2g's of tren for a year straight. Others just cycle it at similar doses.

I have done a frontload. That doesn jack shit. I have jumpstarted with oral and it was better than the frontload. I guess i'm not opposed to jumpstarting but my preference would be an oral but than again a short acting injectable or oral injectable fit that catagory. So let me say it this way. I like jumpstarts but don't think it is mandatory and for a 1st timer may not be a good idea.

TRhe short esters at the end make gains keep cooming and IMO make recovery and trasition into post cycle therapy (pct) easier and faster.

I couldn't possibly agree with you more on the short esters at the end. I figured that out for myself on my first cycle. I went from test/deca right into prop (scared shitless about the horror stories of pain from prop). Every cycle since then has utilized a jumpstart and a fast ester finish.

Jumpstarts work great. He is not asking about frontloading (I tried that with tren ace once...ugly). Most of the folks on the boards run b/w 50mg ED and 100mg ED. I believe if you took a survey online, you would see that 100mg ED is at the very extreme upper end. I have gone as high as 150 ED and as low as 60mg ED. I prefer about 80mg ED. I would much rather run 60 than 100 though. The sides I experience at 100 become a bit severe.

I am glad to see someone else who ran into additional sides when they went EOD with tren. You hear of others not having trouble, and I feel like the lone ranger at times. ED for everything for me. i am transitioning to EOD for test e/deca right now though, just to see if that is enough to bother me.

I agree...frontloading didn't do shit except waste gear IMO. However, jumpstarting your tren enan with a faster acting variant is not at all a bad idea. you at least get to start noticing something from the tren by the end of the first week...instead of the third week.
roccodart440 said:
I kind of revised my statment to frontloading is a waste, jumpstarts are good but not nessisary or nessisarilly a good idea for everyone.
I figured that's what you meant. You seem far too knowledgeable to have meant it the other way. As for not being for everybody...I can certainly see that as well.
From my personal experience, you don't need to jumpstart tren E. I just did it last summer and started seeing effects after only one wk, so why do more injects if you don't have too?