VERY LATE PCT!!! Please help.


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Hey guys really need some advice here!

Stats: 29yo, 175lbs, 5'7" I've been on/off AAS for about 8 years now. Usually 1-2 cycles/year with about 4-6 months rest in between. I've just came off a 18 week Test Cyp cycle:
Weeks 1-8 Test Cyp 600mg/wk
Weeks 9-14 Test Cyp 500mg/wk
Week 15-18 Test Cyp 250/wk.
I'm usually accustomed to running more compounds than just testosterone but this time I kept it simple. Anyways on to my question...I placed my order for PCT at the end of my cycle and unfortunately my supplier is out of Florida and Hurricane Irma messed up my FedEx shipments and I've yet to receive my Nolva/Clomid combo I usually use. I've been off cycle now for 6 weeks with absolutely no PCT. Usual "zero-test" sides have set in like lethargy, horrible drop in libido and weight loss/muscle loss. All of this I was expecting as I've been through this before.
1) My question is it it to late to still order a PCT and start it after being off for over 6 weeks now?
2) I still have quite a supply of Testosterone and I've never tried the whole "blast/c***se" thing. At my age even if my natural Test does return i feel it likely won't be to the levels they used to be at since I will naturally start losing at around early 30's anyways. Is it worth it to self-administer a low TRT (what would that be? 150-200mg/wk?) dose until I decide to "blast" at 500mg again in 4-6 month from now? I know if I start this self treatment it's likely going to be something I will need to continue for the indefinite future and we all know the longer you're on the longer it takes to recover.
3) I would prefer to naturally recover and have my balls back and actually have my muscle back as with on cycle I look great but I hate having squirrel nuts.

Does anyone here have experience with starting a very late PCT (1-2 months late) and had success with recovery. I know if i don't take PCT at all it'll EVENTUALLY come back somewhat but I can't seem to weigh what to do here. A big part of me wants to have testosterone back in my body but I keep telling myself I should stick it out until it's back but I'm worried it'll never be back to where it was and I can't keep having these libido issues as it effects more than just me. Any advice is welcome! To stay or not to stay? Thanks guys
If I was in your situation I would either keep the blast going, or drop down to a c***se of 175 mg/wk test, while waiting on the PCT drugs.