I am banned!
(Thanks Arty)

I brought this over from MassUniversity......

Warning-----if you had dealt with BM(oversea)
WARNING----if you have dealt with the oversea guy(BM)
here's a warning that something may be up as i was sent this from BM today,if your name is below then email me---i have took out some last names cause i don't know if they are real or not but when you email me state in full who you are

INNIS, Pwrlftr, BFJ, REED, BRIAN , BUILT, JIM (DARLENE), Xmeathead, Dbolpink, Ingearsus250, tabz958, DrB2K, BLACK DREAM, BKNL, GETBIG270, BEACH BUMBJEFF,bigpapapump947

now to everyone else who used our oversea guy(BM)if AS where all you bought,then i think you have nothing to worry about but if you bought anything else then you may be contacted and asked questions about it(assume they are building up the case on BM even more)so i would advice you to deny any knowledge of anything and if it gets worse then to have them talk to your lawyer

i don't have any details other than that but in my opinion i would close down the addy's and emails of what you used to do buisness with him

also if you know any of those guys,tell them about this post



I am banned!
IMO: This merely represents another example of WHY you should not buy gear from sources that sell recreational "stuff". I CANNOT verify that this is why he is under any heat, just assuming!


Banned, had no choice
it may be hard to verify, but i doubt they will do anything to the overseas source, the logistics of hooking up with foreign police or whatever is just to hard, this rarely happens. But, from one of the guys names, it looks like X maybe involved, if u ordered that from him, expect a knock on your door, this is a direct quote from a justice system official i have spoken to, "ecstasy busts in the media, and in the criminal justice system are very, very sexy"