What levels of testosterone cause hypertension?


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Short version: I know guys on "steroids" can suffer from hypertension. I'm curious how high your testosterone needs to be to cause that, and how common it is for TRT to cause hypertension in previously normal BP people.

Long version: I apologize, this is complicated story in terms of chronology, causes, and evidence, and I'll try to keep it the shortest I can.

I had always had good BP and good health in general, but In 2011 I was 39, got diagnosed with low-T, and started taking Clomid, which really boosted my T numbers, and I felt great again.

In 2014 a degenerative neck condition combined with one night sleeping on my stomach caused partial paralysis of my right arm and terrible pain in my neck -- this also prevented me from working out or getting exercise in general. In the ensuing doctor's visit they said my BP was "high" (I forget the number) for the first time. Shortly after that, I lost my job and health coverage, so I continued taking Clomid by buying it directly. My neck eventually improved and my right arm is fine.

Fast forward to December 2016 -- I'm 44 years old and I aggravate my neck problem again, this time pinching a nerve in my left arm, causing terrible pain in the arm and my neck, and I'm unable to workout or get much exercise. The problem persisted. Fortunately in January of 2017 I started a new job with great health coverage, and in February I visit my old doctor to get treatment for my neck, and they told me my BP was over 170! They gave me a corticosteroid for my neck and a drug for the hypertension, and of course I started losing weight, cutting down caffeine and salt, etc. After reading that "steroids" can cause BP, I decided to stop Clomid until my BP was under control. In a few weeks the neck had improved and I was able to workout yesterday morning, after which my BP was 115/65, although last night it was about 150 again.

Anyways... I'm trying to figure out the root cause of the high BP. Unfortunately I have no BP data between 2014 and 2017, and by coincidence I was in terrible pain and not getting exercise both times. So it could be that genetics are kicking in and it's just a problem I'm going to have to manage from now on. Or I've read that pain, particularly neck pain, can drive up BP. Or it could be the lack of exercise like I used to get. Or it could be the 20 pounds I gained between 2014 and 2017. Or it could be high testosterone from taking Clomid.

Any thoughts?


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If you haven't gotten BW to see what your Testosterone level is we are guessing.

But over weight and a gain of 20lbs can cause BP to rise a little. IF not obese it will calm down with time. Pain is a real big factor in your BP being high. When I used to get pain meds for my back ( an addict) they would check my BP to give an ideas as to me lying.
A pressure of 150 systolic is not all that worrisome depending on the diastolic.

You don't give us anything to work with. You say it was 150 was that systolic or diastolic. Big important difference. What other symptoms.


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What Mike said.

When I went on cycle (500+mg/wk) first time I cut weight, my blood pressure went down.
This cycle I've gained a lot of weight and my BP is up.
Your body weight will have far more of an effect on your BP than will steroids or Clomid.

Clomid is not a steroid.


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You didn't say what dose clomid you were taking. There's many variables that could be happening here. I do vaguely remember reading that high doses of clomid can cause strokes and other negative sides. I'll have to double check on that to make sure. Something you may want to consider.

I do agree with what was mentioned above. Clomid isn't a steroid it is a serm. You have too many things and questions on both sides of the fence to really try to pinpoint anything.


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Dammit man, Nerva, ya you got a lot of nerve , ha, you come on board and ask a Q's leaving out many details. I come on in 1-1/2 hrs later and you're gone.

WTF I really am trying to be much cooler on here but it is so aggravating when you newbies start a thread , post and don't come back. :mad:


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You have a lot of unanswered questions. What dosage of Clomid where you taking and for how long? How do you know your testosterone was high on Clomid? What are your labs from taking Clomid? I highly doubt your blood pressure went up as a result of your testosterone level rising from Clomid use. As stated above, most guys on TRT lower their blood pressure and do better overall with their health at a moderate to high level of testosterone.

Get your labs done and give us more information if you want us to answer this question without guessing.


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RBCs are the solid portion of blood. So, if you increase the solid portion, but don***8217;t increase the liquid portion (plasma), the solution becomes thicker. This higher viscosity blood exerts more pressure on the cardiovascular system.