What SARMs are & How SARMs work


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What are SARMs:
Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are drugs that mimic the effects of testosterone on muscle but have fewer of its other effects. They stimulate the growth of muscle but don’t greatly affect the prostate gland, erectile function, or secondary sex characteristics such as facial and body hair, enlargement of the voice box, nor have unwanted side effects like acne.
Naturally, bodybuilders have taken an interest in them. SARMs might provide many of the muscle-growth effects of steroids, but without harmful side effects.

How SARMs Work:
Testosterone and their synthetic derivatives, known as anabolic steroids, have both androgenic and anabolic effects.
Androgenic effects are those that relate to being male: body and facial hair, enlarged voice box and deep voice, erectile function, male pattern baldness, production of sperm.
Anabolic effects are those related to growth, especially of muscle and, to a lesser extent, bone.

Testosterone and its derivatives have differing ratios of androgenic to anabolic effects. Synthetic anabolic steroids, for example, may have 10 times the anabolic effect of testosterone.
Hormones such as testosterone work by attaching to receptors on cell membranes, which then activate cellular signals that start a cascade of biochemical events, leading to the ultimate hormonal effect. Hormonal receptors are found on and in cells of a hormone’s target tissue.

In the case of testosterone, these receptors are found in many tissues, such as muscle, bone, brain, and the prostate gland.
SARMs selectively target certain tissues, mainly muscle. They work on the androgen (testosterone) receptors in muscle, but less so or not at all in other tissues.
In this way, SARMs have a much higher anabolic to androgenic ratio; they build muscle but have little effect on specifically androgenic effects such as erectile function or the prostate gland.

As such, SARMs have the potential for use in women as well as men. And in men, they shouldn’t produce as much feedback inhibition of the endogenous production of testosterone, so that other male parameters should remain normal.
Clearly, if SARMs were to fulfill their promise, they could be wonder drugs, treating sarcopenia or cancer cachexia (loss of body weight) without side effects.