when you guys say d-bol bridge


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DADAWG said:
i got a bud who did a standard 3 week 36 pill clomid therapy after a 12 week 500 mg a week eth cycle and dbol 40 mg a day week 1-4 , 1 week after clomid ended he started 10 mg in am of dbol at 8 weeks post cycle had his bloodwork done test was 1.4 :mad:

what do you mean by 1.4?whats a good range?


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Re: Re: Re: when you guys say d-bol bridge

Wartime100 said:
I was always under the impression that it is used immediatly after clomid which is how I was planning on using it.

That is the way I am doing it right now (this is my first...and probably last bridge). I waited until the clomid/nolva therapy was done before starting the bridge. It seemed to make more sense to me to get your natural test functioning (atleast somewhat) again before starting, but most of the testimonials I read were from guys who had started it during the clomid therapy.