Why in Gods name did i not do this before?


Banned, had no choice
make TNE from synovex H. I used researchkits synokit (it seems much less complicated than dazed's). It really takes patience, thats the only big difference between making fina, and making the TNE. Although patience is not one of my virtues, i sped up both the evaporating the methanol, and drying out the finshed test powder by boiling some water in a pot, and setting the pyrex dish about 6 inches up on two canisters, sped it up considerably. Man was it fun, felt like i was in a meth lab or something, j/k :afro:
yeah, looking at some of the instructions kinda scared me.
a 10 hour round trip to Mexico would be faster for me :)
the dazed's synokit seems a bit complicted,, getting the right temp and all, but the researchkits kit, was extremely easy.