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NOT an anabolic post but this may serve a purpose to some of you going thru some difficult times. This was written from ONE member to another going thru some very difficult times. Extract from it what you certainly moved me.

"IX: I know what you are going through... I know it very well and i don't mean with JUST women problems. I know what it feels like to be on top of the world with being in love and having plenty of money, etc ,etc and i know what it feels like to lose it all. I am pesently at my all time low in almost every facet of my life and i don't mean that lightly! BUT there's something i've realized throughout this ordeal.... or two things actually... We cannot define who we are through someone else. I'm not saying that we shouldnt (although we really shouldn't) but we simply CAN NOT... it'll NEVER happen. It's impossible! See bro, you gotta figure out who you are and what makes you happy... and i mean that literally. See, this applies to all areas of our lives. Once you are right with yourself it naturally spills over into your career, relationships, everything! I have been asking myself these questions constantly over the past month or so... "Who am i??" "Why am i never satisfied?!" "What would really make me happy?". So even though i have been in a deep fucking hole, i've taken advantage of the situation to learn an awful lot about myself... sometimes i think that we have to practically lose it all in order to reach our ultimate destination in personal development... i can't really swear to it, but i do know that i am slowly emerging and that i've willingly made changes to my life that will positively effect my life forever. I am being dead serious about this bro. And i don't know if you are a religious man or not... personally, that has always been a struggle for me... I believe that these bad situations are God's way to get our attention... with me for example, i have always had the hardest time with faith... i am naturally lacking in trust of man and God... i always have. BUT, life has a funny way of beating you down until you have no other choice but to have some faith... I think at your lowwest point you really have two choices... you can totally take God out of the picture or you can take what He has to offer. If you straddle the fence it seems like you stay down in that hole.. i dunno bro. Sometimes it's all we have man...
i am not about to start preaching to you... just being 100% honest. I am in no position to preach to anyone.
The second thing i've realized is this: If you can't be happy with a little then you can't be happy with a lot. I think some people would say that is a dumb statement... but based on my own life i feel that it's totally true. I've lived both sides of that with women, money, reputation, etc... There have been MANY MANY situations in my life that i hated and that caused and in some cases continue to cause a lot of pain and hurt.. we're talking about a 9 or 10 year span here... I don't really care to elaborate on the full details but my downfall started when i was 16 and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and over a 2 year period i watched it destroy her and eventually kill her... i was a 'mamma's boy' too so it was horrible... BUT, i think that's when i started concsciously making bad decisions about my life.. and no i dont mean i made the bad decisions just because they were bad but more like i stopped giving a shit.... here i am 26 and just realizing this and my life in between now and then has been incredibly fucked up... but ya know, i am realizing it's mostly my fault.
My point is that maybe you've just been stuck in a rut for so long that you are oblivious to the better alternatives... like tunnel vision starts with discouragement and turns to hoplessness and eventually you're just a robot.... the really cool (and totally true) thing about it is, is that all it takes is being fed up with it and rediscovering who you really are... once you've gotten your head above the water, you stop putting restrictions on yourself and then you go on to achieve your dreams. I think that's what happiness is... self fulfilling your dreams... see bro, what if this is life's (or God's - if you are religious) way of leaving you with no other choice but to get fed up and make some necessary changes in your life??

I apologize for the length of this post... but IX, you're a good bro and you've always come across to me as being on top of things and being really positive so i felt the need to be totally honest about all this.

best of luck to ya man and you know you can talk this out with me if you want to."
I don't thinkn that ther was one thing in that I disagreed with. I know exactly where he is coming from and I don't think he could have put it any better. good read when you are feeling down about yourself..
Good advice.

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Thanks man.
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great read bro

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Your story reminds me what it was like when I had a stroke. I was too on top of the world and had it all taken away one day. I too thought were did I go wrong,how could this happen to me ,what did I do to deserve this. All questions will be answered someday . You've got to push on and keep trying to move ahead and not look back . Dec 98 it was all taken away and I tryed to push ahead to ,now I'm back and with a vengence. I'm not afaid to say I believe in God cause something kept me moving ahead. I think it was God and I was'nt a religious person . It just goes with my hard road to survive. Cheer up ,nothing is your fault!!
sorry bro's...didn't mean to 'ruin anything' ...i was asked to extrasize my pic earlier in the thread...but like i said earlier in my post...great read!!
DRveejay, that was pretty intense..............gets you thinking about all the things you take for granted. Hopefully a few of us who read this post will put it to use.:)