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  • It actually took me a little time to start posting as well.

    I started by posting my results from Z's gear and once I started to learn more about this craft ... then I began to add more to the conversations here at Ology.

    Don't be shy though - it's great to get to know all the members here...

    If you ever says something and take a verbal beating for it - just shoot me a PM and I'll jump in and back you up ... plus take care of anyone giving you a hard time. :D
    That's great - I'm glad to hear it. :)

    I've been exclusively with him for over a year now and have never been let down
    I'm not sure if I told you this yet - but Z has his own section at Ology called -Fitness Paradise World

    Here's the link http://www.steroidology.com/forum/fitness-paradise-world/

    You have to be logged in to see this section.

    Please keep me posted. :)
    That's cool Z gat you set up!

    You're going to love his service and products - please keep me posted. :)
    Hey thanks for the response, was at work so couldn't reply right away. Z ended up sending me the info, payment sent, it's in his hands now, but I have faith!

    Thanks for being willing to help, really. You put my mind at ease while at work, lol.
    I'm always glad to help buddy...

    You are correct - it usually takes 24-48 hours to receive your email.

    If it takes longer then that - please let me know and I'll contact Z for you. :)
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