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  • Can you PM me? I need help with an order and I can't PM I don't want to give out details in the open. The board I use to use to contact reps is offline. Thanks!
    Hey torr958,

    I'm not sure what's going on right now?

    I've tried to PM Z and his messages need to be emptied before I can do so.

    I'll keep on trying = but I really don't know anymore than you right now.

    I can say there has been times where Z has had some snags - and he has always
    corrected any issues with backed up orders.

    Please keep me posted.
    Again, I'm not trying to be rude, but the Z reps and Z himself won't even answer emails or anything. And honestly this is BS!

    Contact me soon please
    Hey Repo, can't send PM's ... Z replied to me and I can't even reply back to him.. how can I get a message to him.. Just want to know status of order. Also can't send you a pm as well.. I can give you the order# maybe? But it'll be on this visitor message...

    Hey bro I can't reply to your PM, but I really dont know what's taking so long since my order was placed on the 31st of last month.

    It's been 10 days since he sent me a message that said


    order was sent few days ago

    relax and wait"

    So I mean what gives? I mean I'm trying to be patient, but I can't be so nice forever
    Hey Repo, been hearing Z's been having troubles with orders lately?? Is everything ok with Z?? I have an order with him.. just concerned of the uncle :)
    Hey Repo, been hearing Z's been having troubles with orders lately?? Is everything ok with Z?? I have an order with him.. just concerned of the uncle :)
    What are your thoughts on these matters? From personal experience or just wide knowledge, what would be a "safer" age to start adding test and is it a dumb idea to do it after only one month of hard hitting the gym? Thank you in advance, hope you can help me one more time with this.
    1. The age matter. I'm 23 right now, and I've read that it's best to stay off test til you're about 24-25 at least, as there's still a lot of free test in my system (me n my gf can go on 2-3 times a day ed no prob lol). That made me thinking that I should only do T-bol right now with Nolva for pct, and even though I won't see the results I would see with Sustanon stack, at least I'm not f'ing around with my hormones just yet.
    2. Even though I've been working out since I was like 14, I've had a big break recently for about 2 years due to truck driving. I'm literally just starting to hit the gym hard again like I used to, and I've read someone say that you FIRST want to get your body to the full natural potential, and only then start using gear. And my idea for this cycle was to help my body "jumpstart" bulking so I can see results quicker.
    Thanks for the reply my friend, I really took it in consideration, in fact, after doing more research on this matter, I've found out that T-bol would be my best bet, stacking it with some type of test of course (leaning towards Sustanon 250)plus Arimidex and Nolva. I was almost ready to go through with this cycle, until I read a couple things this morning that might have made me changed my mind:
    Hey bro I got business with Z, but my messages continue going unanswered and before I jump to assumptions I would first like to exhaust all avenues. Shoot me a PM I will explain, thanks.
    Hey man, so Ive been researching Anavar online, found this forum where you posted that you've used it, and figured Id register and ask you for help. First off, Ive never done any roids, so I'm new to the game, but from what I've read so far Anavar looks like the safest and best bet for me (also I dont wanna look like a water buffalo). This site I found that sells it is where its called AnVar 10, but I don't know it might be fake there. So please tell me your experience with it, if it's worth it, and where to possibly get it so its the real thing. Thank you in advance, really hope to hear from you soon.

    PS The other thing I was interested in is the Human Growth Hormone, so if you have any knowledge on that do share. Thanks.
    Hey Repo (This is Georgia). All the guys are over at hang out with us bro....and delete this post
    yea..but no rush for much, she's been thru a bunch of b.s see how it goes.
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