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  • cool brtoher,im so glad you joined,you're attitude is awesome and i respect the hell out of you,justt like me,you speak your mind and dont give a flying fuck lol
    the about the iron is not forgiving lol...i heard something similar in a movie once...something to the effect...where God will have mercy on your soul,but i wont!! lol
    Hey bro can you shoot me a pm, i don't have enough posts to send you one. I understand if you don't want to... I don't wanna discuss what i have in mind on the open board. Plus yohelpu helped me out before just looking for some more help.
    Hello sorry for the bother, im new here and i was wondering if i could get any info here where to buy my first cycle, i have gotten ripped off already twice, would you know where can i find some info. Thank you..
    when you have a problem with a post or a thread copy and past the thread url and send it to me in a pm . i cant check every thread on the board trying to find a thread your talking about.
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