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  • Hey bob,

    I'm always glad to help - and I think we all go through similar questions at first.

    The reality is - you should - "always" - have testosterone as the starting point and the baseline from there on out.

    It's never a good idea to start with Anavar or hGH ... "even though I love them both."

    You really need to say to yourself - if I'm going to do this .... "I'm going to do it right."

    There is no exception to this rule - if there is one thing you need to build muscle ... "it's testosterone."

    I'm running both Anavar and hGH - but these are not items you want to run until you have testosterone fueling your muscle.

    It would be like trying to build a car for speed - and asking if you could start with the tiers before having the car itself.

    Please feel free to keep in tough if you need help getting yourself in the right direction.
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