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  • I have been on an endo ride. Okay i have test levels that started at 131...btw that was at 26 lol. second blood test 712, third blood test 208. Dx severe hypogonad. Rx..200 mg test cyp EOW. Hence my symptoms, hence reflective in blood work...but my last test was 366. This is on a test level of 300-1080. The same tests were conducted by this chart. My new endo, seen once, said that 200 mg a week could lead to liver problems idk. So he has yet to get my 366 blood work, he ordered that. So I assume he will just say stay on same dose or divide it...well if I divide it my half would be the same as 200, cause 200 at the endof two weeks is 50mg in body. So i am thinkin pushin 150 per week?? But i'm sure that will fall on deaf ears. Also. my pit. gland is fine. Anyway, these are real, actual tests. No hcg, not anti-e..and no E2 checks. Wtf. I have trt for 9 months so i'm in limbo. I respond well to test, no severe acne, no thinning hair.
    Sup Chip! How's everything going bro. I got home a few months agand have been Loving every mnute of it. =)
    So good to be home. Wand to thank you for taking the time to ch with me on the phone before I left.
    As expected I lost all my weight and life sucked pry bad for a yr.
    I came home 165 lbs, but thanx tomy locals I'm back up to 200ish.
    I have a goodfriend who's thinking HRT, I sent hime some links but I can't find ure story???
    Hey chip. I was just started on hrt by my urologist 4 days ago they put me on axiron 60 mg per day ..I have been reading that is it crap...they didn't put me on any ai and I already have alittle bit of gyno so I'm kinda scare...how does your program work...I had all the blood work but the estogens ...my test is right around 223ng and my free test is within normal but right at the bottom ...I'm only 29 yrs old...I did do a was cycle when I was 20....I have gained about 100 lbs since then and u have no desire to do anything it seems like ...how does your program work ...thanks nick
    Yo Chip, I was so impressed by your generosity today after I realized that I was wrong w/ the order dispute, that I felt the need to promote what a great guy you were.. Probably shouldn't have exposed our conversation and I apologize if you were put on the spot.. Luv ya Brotha! Your a good dude
    Hey Chip you seem to be the next step in my process. I am going in for tests in the morning. Can you give me an idea on what i can expect to pay to cycle or if insurance covers cost though you.?
    Chip, I am sorry for your loss, I hope all else goes well and my prayers are out to you and your family. GOD BLESS.
    Hey CHIP,

    Ok so I'm new to the site so I'll do my best with my questions...

    First I guess I should start with me
    Age- 33
    Weight- 225lbs
    B/F- 16% or so

    I've been doing alot of research on it lately seeing I want to start my first cycle but some advice would be much appreciated.

    So here's what I have;
    -Sustanon 350 10ml x 2
    -Winstrol 25mg 100tabs
    -Arimidex 1mg 30ml
    -clomid 25mg 100tabs
    -Hcg 5000iu Human Grade

    Question time:

    1. Should I get a 1.5'' 18g to draw and a 1.5'' 23g to shoot? (ill be shooting in the glute) Also what size sirynge?

    2. How much and how often should I shoot the Sustanon. Eg; every week or twice a week?

    3. At what point during the cycle should I start the Arimidex?

    4. PCT??? Also, I know you're supposed to take clomid 3 weeks after your last shot (from what I've read) but I'm not too sure about the dosage or when to start my HCG.
    Hi Mr. Wadowski,

    I am interested in your services after reading some of your client testimonials. I was wondering if you could forward me an FAQ if you have one so that I don't ask you the same old questions that you frequently answer. I would also like to get an idea of average cost.

    I will gladly give you more details about myself once we talk via pm.

    Best Regards
    Chip your a great friend, and you really find your way into peoples heart's with your kind words.
    your a great guy and you have helped me when I needed you the most HRT is the way to go for an old fart like myself and you have provided your services to me, even your voice over the the phone sounds like Barry White, if your ever in town let me know so we could have a good time.
    Hi Chip!

    Good day to you!,

    I am a 30 year old married guy,who had been having erectile dysfunction for the past 5 years.I dont have kids as yet.My sperm count was very high when i checked around 82 million.I used to take forzest during weekends to get ereecion for sex.I had gone to a sexologist who asked me to take paxidep for 2 months.however it did not imporve the premature ejaculation much.but eversince i stopped it i have completely lost my sexaul desire totally.i went to him again after 2 years and he took boold tests and told me my testosterone level is very low 2.9ng/dl and has now prescribed andriol testocaps for 2 months 3 tablets daily and also heamoglobin level was low so he gave me fesovit.I want to ask you whether taking andriol testocaps is safe and will it improve my sex desire and also whether i can stop taking this after 2 months or I need to take this lifelong.Also we are planning for a kid,so will it affect my sperm count.
    Hello Chip and welcome back!

    I am a 39 yr old Canadian man with 20+ yrs of training. I have recently completely stopped AA's usage due to an unrelated health issue. After being off for nearly half a year I've been given the green light to go back and start training again.
    I did a full workup and my results have shown that I am at the lowest range possible for natural test levels. Shocking! My doctor originally wanted to slam a patch on me or script me some gel or cream but I have requested injections instead.
    He is hesitant and wants me now to go see an Endocrinologist (spelling?) which will be another 3-4 mths out before anything really happens.
    My question to you, what is the best info to give him to inform him of the benefits of all this. I believe he is just uneducated and is nervous about perscribing a patient with previous AA history bottles of Test to take home and ration out. Any advice or reading or websites etc. is sincerely welcomed.

    Hey Chip,
    40 years old, weight training for close to two years now. 5'7" and 205lbs. Down from 215 and stalled at that. Bench has gone from 215 to 275. Like to drop another 10-15lbs and gain some more strength. Any idea who I would deal with for test. up in Canada?
    I guess you are the person to ask about how much of what to take. I am 37 and have been on trt for 10 years. I am sick of looking puffy and have started working out. I take 200mg of testosterone weekly and have a decent stock of HcG but am not certain how to integrate it properly. I am not sure if I should increase my testosterone for a period of time then stop taking it and replace it with HcG or use them at the same time. Maybe increase my testosterone for a certain period of time then back down. I can't ask my do tor these questions because all he cares about is getting me to a low average amount.

    I'm new to the site and was reading a few posts that referred you and the clinic you represent. I've dealt with clinics before when I first received news of low Test levels. The clinic was from Florida, and I lost touch with my consultant. I'm looking to get back into therapy and would appreciate any help or insight.



    I am a 50yr old Bodybuilder, I have been battling CFIDS for 15yrs -

    There has probably been enough progress on my recovery to get back in the GYM. I trained up from 6"3 175 to 250 in the mid 1980s. Got CFIDS in the Gulf War (US NAVY).

    I know my hormone levels are way off due to age and the illness. Will this hormone replacement lifestyle blow up my prostate?

    I have blood tests from 6 months ago. I have been using a doc that is just a good old dude. He wants to help but really dosen't know much.

    Can you assist ?
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