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  • Dude I totally missed it!!!! My bad brother, BTW thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it :)
    HEY BRO!! glad your back you've been missed in regards to a good source I don't know anyone I'm on hrt why not go hrt let me know I can hook you up
    Hi Crane,

    We're doing good, thanks for asking... Hope all is well with u the wife & kiddo :) Welcome back
    I been busy with work, but not too bad. You been awol man. I never seen the fight but ya..diaz is a punk ass. You should check out health and fitness talk forum too, need some more good bros:)
    Doing good Brotha, you should come down to Florida, you'll have work all year around, with all these freaking heat waves we have here, you'll have plenty of fires to put out..
    and plenty of Fine Cuban pussy :D lol
    Doing great Bro, so you've been fighting the fires ? Be safe & stay big.
    great bro, yeah If you feel that the diet needs a tweeck than do it,what makes you think that way? do you see some bloat?
    Cycle is going great, feel very strong, and cardio is threw the roof, 300mg test E per week, 400mg of EQ per week, def gaining size a little more then I want to, but ill adjust my diet.
    EQ will help you big time getting you vascular, hows your diet? how many cals?
    you seem to know what your doing,by packing down that cardio you'll bring that bdf down in no time,
    great getting vascular hitting N2SLIN its gettin me lean,I'm taking tren 300mg, cyp,300mg a week,how bout you how the BDF% and stats?
    I was dissapointed..as I am with all Silva fights hahaha...but Ohwell, so Fitch vs Penn.
    I'm going for Fitch but...i'm thinking thats doubtful
    Waiting for my insurance cards to get to me. since there taking there sweet ass time. Im taking on average 6000 calories a day, max is 8000. And im not gaining size. So Waiting to see the doctor to see if something is wrong. Cause this is just bullshit man lol
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