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  • My brother 4 life cfm...What can i say but I love u and miss u..Thank u for everything u did for me..without your teaching i wouldnt know jack shit..Ill never forget u and all the good times we had..I wish u were still around my brother..Ill never forget everything u taught me..Your my mentor and i will always love u..Your bro BB
    Hey Crazy, i contacted PEA several times and have heard nothing back.. Was wondering if they are still around or if you knew if something was going on.. thanks
    Iv been seeing a lot of your posts recently so i wanted to ask you a question? Shoot me a PM with your email your advice is greatly appreciated
    yeah it just popped up a messages telling me the same thing again that I'm trying to access privilages that I don't have yet
    Hey pops did you get the memo? Only fags wear gloves at the gym. (Your avi)!! Lol. My man. Can't wait to hit the bay!!!
    hey Mike,
    Whats the deal with the avatars? I'm no fuckin Bill Gates, but I cant get one on there. do you have to have fucking rep power to a certain point before you can have one?
    By the way, yeah pretty much have to go domestic here in Canada, our fucking borders are like entering Nazi occupied Germany for fuck sakes, unless you're an immigrant from some other country, they treat us like criminals trying to come home, you wouldnt believe it. Immigrants on the other hand, holy fuck, we set them up with welfare until they set up there own business and put them to the front of the line for jobs ahead of our own, it's unreal. I'm not racist, but it's even worse here in Atlantic Canada, New Brunswick, we are an "officially bilingual" province, only one in Canada, translation, if you are french, you're set. Now they teach it in school but my age group never had the option, so we're pretty much tren attack striking
    what's up brother,
    just wondering if you caught my message yesterday when I took a shot at the moderators for not turfing that idiots post about injecting the last of his gear into his dog to muscle it up? I ripped the guy first then trashed the moderators for threatening us all the time for posts about scam alerts, sources, swearing..etc...never heard back from anyone but I can't find the thread anymore, my post or the dog I have been warned by private message a couple of times, and this dog guys post was brutal...anyway, just wondering if you saw it anywhere. take it easy man.
    Hey Mike,
    Maybe I missed it somehow but aren't you about due for a rant on something? haven't seen one for a
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