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  • I got a message that the email didn't get sent, not sure why.. but emailed u again today

    ~~ Happy friday ~~ btw ;)
    It's FRIDAY ! Can I get a ...........
    Hi there ;)

    We're all good thanks for asking, kids are done with homework, I'm working on dinner & got my workout in.. so it's a good day..

    Btw, Have I ever shared ths quote with you ?

    I lurves it :D Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.

    you enjoy that last piece of chocolate, besides it's been totally scientifically proven that anything above 84.9 % dark chocolate makes u lose 1 % of BF per day, I swear... it's cause of the 0 calorie thing... I swear :rolleyes2

    xx (let me know hoow the first day on the diet goes.. I'm excited for u)

    :wiggle:Nothing wrong with a little frisky now and then, right :wiggle:
    I did get your pm, replied... did u get it ?

    Aww, thank u pretty lady ;) Did u like the message I posted below this one ? It still makes me laugh when I sww it, lol... How's everything ?
    Well, well well.... aren't u guys lucky
    Enjoy your time !
    (Just saw your email & replied)
    chat with u soon
    had to throw this one too [IMG]
    and why not
    here u go ....[IMG]

    :wiggle: It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday :wiggle:
    ~Wishing u all a great weekend~
    Thanks ! Hope u guys had a great weekend & hope you are all doing well.
    Eventhou I did like the chubby kitty I changed the avi, again lol
    I took this one last week, after being out of service for days cause of my back, & it's bothering me again :(

    Hope your doing better than I'm doing today :)
    Thanks ! I thought it was cute too, I do think your avi is way better than the little cute chubby kitty ;)
    Hope your all having a good weekend :)
    Hey girl ;)

    My email is working, I replied to yory last email I think it was friday... don't know what's happening :(
    Awww poor babies, the girls haven't been sick for a while !Thank god! Did school end yet ?
    We're all good, I'm having back issues, so workouts have been crappy..(Let me know how the viewing goes)
    Sending u some good vibes your way for tomorrow ;)
    Give my love to the kiddos

    My friend send me this commercial yesterday & I couldn't stop laughing... I think is sooo funny 2012 Super Bowl Ad - Confident You - YouTube
    I bet your used to rain by now, ha ? It's literally like in the mid 90's here, muy caliente !!! I'm cooking now & then off to do some sweating, then the park.
    Have another piece of chocolate on me ;)
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