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  • Hey hun!! I hope you're well i havent been very active on here in a while! Started a new job :) I really need your advice as Im 6weeks out from my competition. Its been tough to lose weight (im on var and i have a stomach ulcer) i posted in the forum but nobodys looked at it as yet. Sorry for the impatience LOL but its my first competition and im stressed out (cortisol :( ). Should i stop my var now 6weeks out to allow my body to drop fat and water, or should i carry on abit longer? Also what could i use that wont be harsh on the tummy for fat burning? Lots of love <3
    Hey mrs p. It's me Michaela. It's been so long! I sent you a pm let me know if you get it x
    Thank you Mrs. P! I have big goals... need to be back to where I was pre accident! Actually need to surpass that and be even better :) ...your posts are very inspiring and helpful... keeps me in check and helps me stay on track :) I am sure you are an inspiration to many as you are mine!!!! Thank you! :)
    hey mrs p, hows mr p? I been away for a bit, fire seasons over now im back in the gym. just thought i would say whats up.....
    I don't see anything wrong with your acct, but, I'll let administration know this is happening 2 u..
    Have a good one :)
    hey MRS.P i need some help,i cannot post in a thread,send a PM or anything,i dont think ive done or said anything wrong,would you please find out for me,i would really appreciate it
    Hello missy!

    I'm on diet yep - its ok so far, I have dropped some weight but I think that was me before the diet. I'll see how it goes and monitor how my body likes it. I like fruit and don't have that in this diet so I'll see if somehow I can swap it in some days.

    How's you? Xx
    Hello lovely! Hope you, P and the girls are good :) just chilling' with last of my 85% dark chocolate before jumping on my new diet plan, I could probably just curb that habit and see changes, but it's that time of the month and been a very frustrating day - plus 85% dark chocolate is good for you a d full of antioxidants and.. Has no calories lol! Xx
    You've got your tongue out too!!! But it's cute and frisky ;)
    You get my pm today? I wasn't sure it sent. Xx
    You've got your tongue out too!!! But it's cute and frisky ;)
    You get my pm today? I wasn't sure it sent. Xx
    Hey, I'm finally back - the surgery went fairly well. Dr. put me on prednisone after my surgery to help with recovery and it made my voice all horse and raspy. It still hasnt come back fully yet (I hope it will, but it may not). I find it sooo ironic since I've done cycles before and never had such bad sides from the steriods I took that werent Dr. prescribed as I did when I just took the predisone - UGH!!!!
    You know I love that message :naughty:
    Everything is fine. Very tired today, busted ass doing gymnastics and flexibility training today while the kids are away, and trying to do some work for the studio. I'm so excited I found a gymnastics class quite close to me so I'm checking it out Saturday.

    How's you? I'll reply to your email soon, too x
    Aww, we're away in Dorset now. Ru and I are in a hotel for two nights on our own :naughty: I miss the kids, but just gotta have a break sometimes ;)

    How's all of you? Xxx
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