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  • Yea call around for labs and see what ranges they test for. Only thing is labcorp will probably be the cheapest by far. Try out directlabs I think the name is but again it's more expensive my here are also tests they mail to your house and you provide saliva or blood, mail it back and they send the results but I don't know the ranges for those.

    Yea I know turkey got banned and Pinn gave some free gear to ppl to test out. I emailed Turkey at his personal account and they basically shitted on him. He's not getting anything from them, no gear no support not even a sorry we goofed. I know Vino is pissed at them for fucking him over like that so are a few others I talk with on here. I just pray to God my gear is good bc like Turkey I spent good money on everything. Oh well I'll find out in a week or so. You live and you learn. Hope your cycle is going good bro, don't know who you went through but good luck and keep up the good posts!!
    Food for thought if you know whether your lab gives accurate numbers or just >1500. I plan on getting free test along with the normal hormone panel since I have Pinn gear like Turkey and I believe we got it around the same time. Not to make you worried but peace of mind for myself lol.
    Sorry I'm not able to PM anyone so I'm responding here.

    It shouldn't matter much since 5wks should be enough time for the ester to saturate in your body. I'm waiting till week 9 personally but you can do wk 6. Since the ester takes time to release pinning on the same day shouldn't make much of a difference. Stick to your normal pinning and AI schedule and just take the test as early as you can in the day and follow the instructions regarding fasting etc so the rest of your numbers will be accurate like glucose. By wk 6, provided its not bunk or underdosed gear, you should be in full swing and these issues won't make a significant difference. You should have supra physiological serum test levels regardless of of you pin on that day or not. The only problem I see, especially if you remember Turkey's thread, is if your lab values come back at >1500 you won't know if its 1550 or 3000+.
    Hey man stonecold ended up banning my account because I posted my blood work for pinnacle, pretty shitty.
    email me at if u wanna talk at all.
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